June 25, 2006


Well, after researching, interviewing, doing some serious contemplating and prayer, i've decided to get sisterlocks. What are my reasons for deciding to go with SL's? Well, here are a few:

(1) I'm entering a new phase of my life and what better way to begin that journey than to accompany it with my SL journey. (2) I've always admired the beauty of all locks in general but I knew that for myself, if I had to choose then it would be SL's. (3) Styling is my specialty and I can't wait to explore various styles on locked hair. (4) So many Lock wearers have been an inspiration to me through their photos, journaling, and blogging so I want to say thank you and keep on locking!

Goodness, so much is happening, new locks, new job, and a few weeks into my grad program I know I am one busy mama. I'm currently wearing twist extensions because I have zero time for my hair and trying to stay looking cute/well-groomed while going to school and work can be a challenge sometimes, so i'm glad to know that I can go to my consultant for retightenings to help keep me looking nice. My hair has grown longer so styling, washing, everything takes longer. The last time I had this length was right before I Big Chopped the 2nd time for various reasons including wanting to grow out healthier napps after my many color experimentations fried my hair.
So for now, i'm waiting patiently but I cannot stop thinking about SL's and the journey i'll go through with them. I feel this is so right, so perfect, starting a new path in my life and i'm happy to have made the decision to get SL'd. I am ready. One thing I definately look forward to is sporting some gorgeous locks under my graduation cap......that won't be until about 1-3 years from now but ooooooo I can't wait!!!
So i've been preparing for my SL's by doing a few things: 1) my mom bought me this beautiful satin pillowcase which is perfect because sometimes my night scarf falls off 2) I have my lint-less Microfiber hair towel which i've been using since I first bought it and 3) I bought a pack of neon rubberbands since I know that some will pop after several washes and I can spot any that I leave in my hair, that's about it so far. Goodness, i'll be glad once they are in because I have less and less time these days for my hair even though I can make the time, however I encounter tangles and locking with in a week if I just leave it alone so I think my hair is saying, "Dew, i'm ready to lock".
To be honest, I think i've reached a point where being preoccupied with my hair most of the time isn't my main focus anymore. There is excitement and lots of attention with your hair when you first go natural and that's an experience in itself. I remember being in my hair, styling it up every second, experimenting, staring at it in the mirror, playing with it on end. Don't get me wrong I very much embrace and love my hair but I don't give it as much attention as I used to like in the last 2 years when I first went natural. Now I just go about my day and as it's getting longer, I feel that I don't know what else to do with it. I don't want to cut it off again because I already did that twice, styling, washing, and detangling takes longer, and I just resort to putting it in a style that will last at least one week where I can just get up in the mornings and not worry about it too much. But like a said, length changes everything. I do plan to keep growing it knowing how fast it grows and i've always wanted to lock it at some point so I figured well, why not now. It feels like the right time.

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