July 18, 2006

Old SLs

(First Retightening): These first 3 months were rough and I had encountered many bumps in the road, but I needed to seek a 2nd opinion about my locks because I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right in regards to the way they were installed. I noticed holes, bubbles, y-shapes, different sizes, rows w/in rows, and uneven parting:

(Follow-Up): This was the day after my follow-up and my trainee didn't tighten all the way to the root which still bothered me because she said she would next time. I had to wait another 6 weeks:

Notice how I comb-coiled the ends of every lock to reduce puffiness. My ends were still very loose and my hair was in this in-between stage after some shrinkage so it looked odd when I let it out. I chose to keep this up-do style until my ends settled a bit. I twisted the front because I took down a few locks and wanted them smaller since she made them too large:
These are pics of my SLs after my initial locking session. Long story short, I have 8-9 inches of hair and my consultant left 2 inches from the end to start locking. Apparantly my ends were "badly damaged, brittle etc. and it made no sense to lock them knowing that they would break off eventually" according to my trainee which I new was false. (My hair happenes to be very strong and healthy at the moment). I disagreed with her however I just have to get use to only 5-6 inches of my hair being locked with puffy ends and loose roots. The entire process took approx. 16 hours with many dvd's to watch. I had my God-parent's anniversary to go to & she twisted up my hair w/ pins in order to hide the puffy ends. Basically, I looked like I was in a cat fight if I left them loose.
(Day 1 pics.) : She left the roots loose to see how my hair would settle since we skipped the consultation and she will tighten them in my 2nd visit. Some of the locks in the front were bigger so I undid them and she re-locked them smaller.
(Day-2 pic.): the puffy ends don't look bad when in an up-do but believe me, if I did take a pic. I would have marked it Napp-Rated. Since I was tired of the puffy ends, I decided to twist them wet & then un-twist them dry to condense them more and diminish the puffiness. I had my 1st retightening 6 weeks later.
Before install:

Day 1:

Day 2:


Joy said...

Looking good. I really like the style your consultant did. For me the fuzzy ends on my sisterlocks are fun!

Maryee said...

Cute!!! Congrats!!!

Chocolata said...

First of all let me say that your natural hair is beautiful. I love the color, and your locs look great. You are on your way to a stunning head of mature locs. Congratulations.

brunsli said...

Very nice!

And I love how you already have the SL attitude down pat in the last car photo. ;)

dewdrop said...

Thank you for the compliments ladies!