October 22, 2006

Loose Again

I can now leave behind my crazy experience and move forward to new beginnings w/ new SLs. These posts will remain so that others may learn from my experience and recognize red flags when choosing a consultant.

UPDATE 2: I contacted the Home Office and notified them about my old trainee not following the SL guidelines and other details. The info has been passed on to Dr. Jo and i'm just waiting to hear back from them. I'll let you know the outcome. Update: Haven't received a response since calling twice so I left it alone.

UPDATE 1: So I finally finished taking out my locks which took 30 hours over a span of 1 week. I used a Suave conditioner and a tail-comb which works like magic every time and worked on a section of hair every night. I am so glad that I am done, my hair continues to be strong and healthy, and ready for some new SLs. I've decided to wear kinky twists until Jan. since I don't have much time to style my hair right now. The first 2 pics: my hair after the take-down. The last 3 pics: my hair in kinky twists ext.:

(My hair after take-down)
(Kinky Twist Ext.)
As of January 20th, i'll have new sisterlocks installed, properly, and start all over.

Out w/ the old, in w/ the new..... I woke up this morning feeling troubled about my locks and my instincts told me to seek the advice of another consultant, and i'm so glad I did. (I ignored this feeling for weeks but this morning I just couldn't shake it). After talking on the phone I passed by her home tonight, she checked out my locks and determined that they were definitely done wrong, the parting, sizes, patterns, etc.There were 4 other beautifully SL'd women there and they showed me how the locks were supposed to look so I knew right away that I had step-SLs (even though my trainee was from the homepage but apparently was not following the guidelines and it showed...in my head).

~ This certified consultant (from the home page) was very understanding, helpful and open to fixing my locks but I told her that personally I would feel comfortable taking them all down and just starting all over because the partings were uneven w/ oddly shaped boxes (I didn't want to continue on top of a badly parted base). So she booked me in January for my initial locking session which should give me enough time to take down my locks because I have to factor in my work and school schedule. I feel so relieved about the whole thing and I'm so glad that I listened to my instincts when I woke up this morning. ~ My trainee is a wonderful and amazing person and as much as I like her,when it comes to SLs, her work just doesn't cut it and i'm looking for quality so i'll have to move on to this new consultant. You ladies were right and i'm so thankful for your suggestions about seeking a 2nd opinion/consultant. So for now, I have to wait 2 months but it'll be worth it because at least I know that this consultant is certified, professional, and i've seen her work first hand knowing how meticulous she is w/ her work. I'm using a Suave conditioner and tail-comb to pick out each lock so 2 months should give me enough time but I know i'll finish sooner.

starting over SL's in Jan. '07
Holes, bubbles, bunching, double-headed dragons:
I've decided to post some photos of the kind of issues my locks were facing just so that you have an idea as to why I need to start over. Keep in mind these are just a few photos but this is what's
all over my head.

1. 2. 3.

1. (left): This is one lock -- divded. Since she didn't retighten to the root EVER after numerous requests, the splits that you see started to lock.
2. (middle): I can fit 3 fingers through it
3. (right): Here's another divided lock. Notice the holes at the root? (This is 1 of many, many locks)

4. 5. 6.

4.Left loose since day one, it has been 12 weeks already and she still didn't retighten it. (This is 1 of many, many locks)
5. (middle): I don't even know what this is but 3" of loose ends are wrapped behind my fingers as you can see.
6. (right): She began w/ the wrong pattern for my hair & as a result, most of them loosened up, bunched up, or unraveled a lot.


brunsli said...

Are you sure it's necessary??

From my understanding, the parts are important at the beginning to ensure that the locks are of uniform size, although most women have locks that are slightly larger in the back.

After that, they only come into play when you want to part or cornrow your hair if you want straight lines. Personally, I prefer the look of more organic-looking roots than a grid.

LaChanda considered starting over -- I'm pretty sure you can see her posts about it in the archives.

dewdrop said...

I know I emailed you but just to answer your question and inform others who may have the same, I need to start over. I have rows that were split into two and this makes it difficult to try flat twists/cornrows.

I enjoy styling so it is important to me, and I have all kind of sizes going on so I feel more comfortable with starting over. Plus i've already taken down 45% of my locks in 7 hours.

SistaLocd said...

Well I'm sorry to hear that. I thought you locs looked great, However I'm not lokking at them in person so it is hard to tell. Anyhow good luck on your new journey!

brunsli said...

Now that you've added more detailed photos, I see what you mean. :(

Naturalist1 said...

Sorry to hear about your locks not being right. Looking at your 2 and 3 month locks they look real nice, but actually seeing your hair at the roots that is not right at all. You said you have taken down 70% of your hair, was it hard to do and did you loose alot of hair. Anyway, I can't wait to see your new sisterlocks.

Luvi's Locs said...

The photo that gets me the most is the one where she has not retightened the loc AT ALL!!! What is up with THAT!??!!! This consultant definitely needs to take the refresher. Please respectfully contact the home office by sending them your photos along with a letter. When consultants are not giving proper service, they really hurt others who are trying to start out as a trainee. Plus other unsuspecting naturals will end up with raggedy locs too....wasting their time and money and hurting the SL rep.

SL Trainee

GIgirl said...

Hi Dewdrop,

I am so sorry you are going through this. I just went through it a week ago. You will be so much happier when you get your new SLs. Keep your head up. GIgirl

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for you Dewdrop~ ~. I guess from the outside looking in, your locks appeared to be perfect. But, if you have a gut about something its better to be proactive. I know your locks will grow back just as fast and look even better!!
Stay Strong!!!!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Dewdrop, I KNOW EXACTLY what you are feeling because I had the same major problems and opt to repair mine at the advice of my SL family Brunsli and a whole bunch others.

As I look back I'm glad I did not start over because my locks are really maturing and looking good.

However, if you feel more comfortable starting over go for it. Just keep in mind that while it appears that you may have the same texture of hair that I have "S curl" you may still experience bunching and slippage even with the correct pattern. For your sake I hope not and only wish you the best.

BTW, do you have to delete this blog, I think it will be a good idea to keep it to help others. Just a thought!

See my Dec 14, 2005 post http://mysisterlocks2005.blogspot.com/2005_12_01_mysisterlocks2005_archive.html

SistaLocd said...

Now that I have seen close ups. I can really see the issues you where talking about! I'm sorry you had to go throught this, I'm sure your new journey will be awesome!

Shea said...

I feel your pain. I just had my second set of locks repaired. Luckily my trainee consultant did the partings correctly but she used the wrong pattern, so the certified consultant took care of the slippage and split the locks the trainee joined together that would have been too large. Well good luck with your new set! I was glad that I did not have to take the 2nd set of locks down the first set came out almost completely so it was no big deal to remove the rest of the ones that were left. I'm not sure how to fix these problems I'm finding more and more people who had to get a 2nd set of locks or get the first set corrected. These can be very expensive mistakes...I don't blame you for starting over atleast you'll feel confifent knowing that they are correct 100%.

Goodnapps said...

Oh dear. Like everyone, I feel bad you've had to go through this experience. Based on what you've shared with us, starting over seems best by someone who KNOWS what they are doing so you will truly be happy with your Sisterlocks. May your 2nd time around be so much better than the first.

katia said...


I think that you have made the right choice! Don't let ANYONE tell you that the size, neatness and uniformity of the partings is not important. The partings are the foundation for your locks and I have found (after having had two sets of locks)that even in the long run, good uniform partings makes retightening easier, enables the hair to hold cuts well (such as layering and bobs)and allows the hair to lay flatter if you want to wear a straight, smooth style. From a distance, your locks were gorgeous in a "jacked up" state...so I know they are going to be simply beautiful when done with the correct technique. You are beautiful and you deserve the very best!!

dewdrop said...

Ladies, I feel so blessed to read your responses and I thank you for them from my heart. Good news, I finished taking down my locks (which took 30 hours over a span of 1 week) and I am ready to start fresh. I know my locks will come out well this 2nd time around so i'm looking forward to that.

@Luvi: As far as notifying the home office, I will keep this in mind but at the moment my plate is very full so i'll need to make the time.

@LaChanda: I read your post and I thought you posted great questions about which direction to go. In my case, parting is important because I am a styling-addict and i'm all about getting those perfect rows lol! It's so nice to know that you know how i'm feeling, so i'm not alone.

@Katia: You make a very good point about our locks on the long run.

Ree-C said...

I hate that you experienced this. I agree at reporting this consultant to the Home Office. I'm sure you will feel more comfortable with know that they are done correctly. I can't wait for your new blog.

(Side Note: I was wrong on my loc count. ChosenVessel prompted me to count and I actually have 346.)

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

I am impressed with how quickly you took the locs down... good luck on your new journey

CloudNine said...

Glad that you got a second opinion! I am very sorry to hear that something like this has happened to you! I would also ask you to keep this blog, the information and specifically the pictures can help others. Goodluck with the reinstall!

Avra Tucker said...

Hey Dewdrop,

I am sorry to hear that you have to start all over. I am sure you re-install will be a better experience for you :).

Avra (Nappatiti)

P.S. Thanks for the compliments :)

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Can't wait to see your new locks!!!

Just wanted to make you all aware of my recent blog change. Also, if you have my blog linked to your blog, can you please change my link to the following.

Name "Creyole" instead of LaChanda and
New blog site is http://creyole.blogspot.com
New Email Address: creyole@gmail.com

I know it's asking a bit much but please understnad it was a must!


SisterlocksMD said...

This is good information. I had a similar experience (although I didn't go through with the locing session) with a trainee claiming to be a consultant. I also called the home office with no response. Those red flags are important...