February 26, 2007

1-5 Months

Free Flying Butterfly Exhibit @ The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, CA

Butterflies are so beautiful and two of them landed on me as I was snapping away at them with my camera. As I held my hand out, one butterfly landed on my finger and stayed there for a while and another one landed on my pant leg. There is nothing more thrilling than to be up close and personal with butterflies of different species and have them actually touch you. I felt so special.

I am a fan of bright, colorful, radiant flowers and so these are just a few snap shots I took of some of my favorite ones from the Rose Garden that same day
Happy Birthday Dewdrop!!
Yes that is right! Today is my birthday and I am so happy about it! I came home to a beautiful bouquet of mini pink roses, a very yummy cake, and sweet cherries provided by my family. They gathered around the table to sing happy-b-day to me, share stories and indulge and the ever-so-fluffy-and-tasty cake......it was so wonderful. Several of my friends took me out for the weekend, gave me little gifts and made me feel so special. I am thankful to God for a loving a family, that i'm alive and in good health this year. Flowers, cake, cherries, your family, and SLs, what more could a gal ask for?

I encountered two other SLs wearers at work and they were just admiring my locks. They said that my locks appeared to be locked even though they had not matured yet. I've put aside the head band for now because it loosened up some of my locks and I just want them to be settled in first before trying any major styling. In the the third picture this is what locks look like with dense hair after a fresh retightening, you can barely see the scalp.
My first Lock-Puff!
I made my very first lock-puff and I was so excited with how it turned out! See, this morning I was bored w/ my freestyle look and I felt like trying a different style so I made a puff and it looks great! I probably won't wear this again for a while because my locks haven't locked completely and I don't want to thin them out where they meet the head band. My roots have grown out so much but i'm ok with that because one of my goals is to have that 2-toned look.
Freshly washed SLs....

....they are really beginning to take shape and i'm so excited about the process. They have their own natural layering which I think is gorgeous.
Too hot? Cut them off!

...and that is exactly what I did. I didn't have any capris jeans and it was too hot to wear long jeans so I found my old jeans, cut them at the knee, hemmed them under and wah-lah! I've been revamping and sewing clothes since I was a kid so this was a piece of cake.

After the shampoo incident and my consultant retightening the shaft of every lock, she said that my locks turned out great because I followed her instructions. Guess what? I'm down to washing my locks every 3 weeks which means my Selsun Blue has been working and now I can allow my hair to lock properly without washing it so often in the beginning stages. I've noticed a few other changes with my locks as well: 1) more balls are forming at the end and many have started to seal up, 2) My fuzziness has died down tremendously but i'm not sure if my locks are taking a break and the fuzzies will return or if i'm past that stage. Only time will tell. 3) Lots of new growth and my color has really grown out. I didn't noticed until I looked in a photo that a friend took of me and I thought...oh my....but that's ok because my goal is to have that 2-toned look anyway. 4) Even after a fresh retightening, it's still hard to see my scalp which proves that my hair is pretty dense on the top/front. I've been receiving even more compliments from friends and it's amazing because many of them are natural or 1/2 way there.
Now that I look back on the beginning of this journey, i'm really glad that I made the investment because my SLs are really starting to look gooood! I'm excited about this whole process and I can't wait until the grow even longer so I can try more braid-outs.
Dewdrop, what do you use on your locks?

These are my two favorite products right now because they work. Simply said. Selsun Blue is the only medicated shampoo that my scalp will tolerate, due to my scalp condition, and has allowed my to extend my washings to every 3 weeks. Before locking, I was washing almost every 2-3 days but this shampoo works for me and that is all that I use. My scalp condition is worse around my hair line, especially in the front of my head and there is nothing that will control it so I just have to learn to live with it. I spritz my hair with water in the mornings just to liven my locks a bit and keep moving. Nothing is added, just water in my spritz bottle.

I like your hair...
Ok, so i've been attending a new church and already received a few compliments and questions about my SLs from other girls my age within the church. One girl is transitioning and will lock her hair w/ coils after summer so i'm providing her w/ some info. and another friend of mine is looking for a locktician for her friend. I'm just excited about the fact that more girls are embracing their natural texture and making moves, and all it takes sometimes is to see one person do it. There are a few other nappies who wear puffs and one other locked head with these gorgeous golden traditional locks. I always have to catch myself not staring because she knows how to style them well and I just want to drewl. This Saturday will be my 3 month mark and a retightening session. I've been holding back on washing so much because i'm creating too much fuzziness and loosening when I do. I usually wash my scalp every week due to my scalp condition, but for the first time i've been able to hold out 3 weeks. Yippie! But that doesn't mean my scalp does not itch & flake because of my condition. I began using Selsun Blue and my consultant suggested using Organic Root Stimulator Dry Scalp Relief Oil. It does work but lasts only 2-3 days for me before I itch again. I'll have updates soon.

Happy Easter, Jesus has risen!
For Easter morning I wore my SLs crinkled after braiding and washing them Saturday. The styled held up for most of Sat. & Sun, and I had this cute bob look with lots of body. I received compliments from a friend of mine who is thinking about going the natural route and I gave her information about nappturality. Jesus has risen, celebrate because we are free in him!

This is my 2nd retightening and my consultant said my locks were doing great however, I used a shampoo w/ a softener in it (unknowingly) that loosened up most of my locks. She was so patient and diligent in tightening the entire shaft of each lock by pushing the pattern downwards to fill in any gaps and she said this is the part of the process that most consultants don't like doing. However, she did and i'm greatful to her for it because I had no idea. There is a great deal of shrinkage at this point but I don't mind because it's expected. I've been receiving more compliments from strangers and a few friends and it's really nice because I didn't receive any in the last 2 months, not that i'm expecting to. I bought a new satin scarf to sleep in and I notice that this one keeps the fuzzies down more and allows my scalp to breathe as compared to my old one that did neither of the two.
2007 Los Angeles Marathon:
This was my very first attempt at running 26.2 miles of the L.A. Marathon and I finished in a time of 6 hours and 39 min. At mile 18 my hip quit on me and I had to limp-walk the remainder of the course, but I finished. The weather was perfect, the people motivating, and just overall a blessed experience. Photo 1: Me crossing the finish line, Photo 2: The morning of the marathon (4 am) ready to go. Photo 3: The night before the marathon, I just finished cornrowing the front because I wanted my locks out of my face during the race. I never thought I could do a marathon, and it took 4 years to get the guts to do it so i'm so proud of myself for trying. **Shout out to all the runners, keep running and be inspired**.
I've been tagged by n'Drea & Valenciajaz so here are 5 things that you didn't know about me:
1) I can read people & their thoughts pretty well (I consider it a gift)
2) I'm multi-talented and a free-spirited runner
3) I read books too quickly, run out, then spend time in deep thought.
4) I consider risk & spontaneity to be fun
5) My language is Music

I purposely posted weekly photos because knowing how quickly my hair locks in general, I wanted you to see the dramatic transition. My consultant mentioned that half the battle was over once I began forming the little balls on the end by week 3. She also stated that most of my hair would definitely be locked by Summer and I believe her because I know how my hair is. She gave me this lovely shampoo concoction of Black soap, Castille soap and something else and it really feels great on my hair and scalp. My locks feel clean and my scalp isn't irritated like it usually is when I use other shampoos. I can say that I am truly enjoying my SLs and they are coming into their own beautifully.

The only change I made was with the braiding & bundling. See, I felt that braiding my locks somewhat disrupted the pattern, and unraveling them after each wash caused slight slippage. So I just twisted the hair (like you would to make a comb coil), folded it in half and placed my neon plastic bands over them. For me, this prevented that little bit of slippage and snagging. I guess you have to do what works for you. Also, i've been doing very good with not styling just because I really would prefer my locks to settle before doing too much manipulation with them.

Week 5: Free style after another wash & new growth.

Week 4: My follow-up visit with a fresh retightening
Week 3: I minimized styling for right now so that my SLs will settle. I began forming the little balls on the end at this point.
Week 2: After a refreshing wash
Week 1: Baby SLs


Brenda said...

WOW!! Not only are you locking quickly, but it also looks like it's growing just as fast. It looks great!

Valenciajaz said...

Girl your hair looks good. And, it's growin like crazy. Are you usin anything to help it grow and is the color natural too?

Tra said...

Your hair is definitely locking and growing fast! I love the color on you. Please keep sharing!

Chosen Vessel said...

WOW!!!!! Your progress is AMAZING!!!!!

Jena Evans said...

The changes are dramatic... wow...


dewdrop said...

Thank you ladies! I am surprised at how quickly they are developing too.

@Valenciajaz: I'm not using any products or anything to make it grow. My hair has always had a tendency to grow fast (my mom grows even faster) and I don't mind. That would be awesome if the color were natural but it's not. I really like how golden-brown compliments my skin tone and eyes so it's one color that I enjoy wearing.

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

Good to see your back, you definately look like you are enjoying these locs much more..fab color!

Ree-C said...

I love your color. Your second set of locs are beautiful. I can tell you are really enjoying them.

roxy said...


i am truly in awe at how thick and gorgeous and fast-growing your hair is! your SL's look amazing. :)

i'm also glad to hear you found a shampoo that worked for you!

DJT said...

Your locks are Da Bomb. Your lock B.day is 4 days after mine! We'll grow old together. keep the pictures comin!

Tra said...

Congrats on running a marathon! That is an awesome accomplishment!

Your locs are growign and looking good.

TwoIslandsGirl said...

Wow, your locks are growing super fast. Looking at your progress gives me hope!

Cluizel said...

Your hair growth is AMAZING! Wow

Congratulations on the marathon!

Mali said...

Hi Dew! Your hair is looking absolutely beautiful! It's funny how we got our locks around the same time, and we BOTH ended up taking them down to start over. Love the color!

Kim said...

Dewdrop, your locks look wonderful, and I'm loving the lock-puff! Too cute. :-)

roxy said...

the loc puff is SO cute! i keep telling myself that one day mine will get to that point.

Chocolata said...

Your hair looks wonderful. I'm glad they're working so well for you this time around. A marathon runner to boot huh? Go on girl!

n'Drea said...

Wow! What progress! And the lock-puff... niiice!

sunsail said...

good gravy your hair is puuuuurty!!! :) I'm 8 months in, and my hair doesn't look HALF as good as yours!! regarding shampoo, try Nizoral. You might be sensitive to SLS, and that is the main ingredient in Selsun Blue, which may be why youre still experinencing itching and flaking. Nizoral is also a NON-mousturizing shampoo, and the Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates are almost at the bottom of the list. Quite frankly it has worked SO well that i have to remind myself to wash my hair every 3-4 weeks!!


blackrussian said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! I miss your updates. After seeing how quickly your locks were growing and maturing I'm extremely interested to see where they are now. Please post more pics soon.

blackrussian said...

Yep...I really think you are my hair twin. I just checked out your 5 month retightening pictures up close. That's what mine look like too. I don't even think I'll take any more before and after close-ups of retightenings, because you look at them and it's almost like: what's the difference? I can tell, but...

I loved being 25! It was a really good year. I'd always felt mature for my age and like I had a good head on my shoulders, but I felt like I came into my own in a new way. Enjoy the experiences the coming year brings!

Jena Evans said...


Tag for this new go around if you are up for it. Your locs look slamming!


Renea said...

Just found your blog today. I'm really glad you left photos of your first go'round up. It's helpful for other people. And I'm especially glad you weren't permanently soured by the experience. Your hair looks great! And everyone seems to be bit by the camera bug!

Dstdiva said...

Hey, glad you stopped by my blog. I am anxiously awaiting some updates of your hair...yours is so thick, I hope my hair will progress as yours has!

Tiffany said...

Your hair looks great. I'm looking into sisterlocks myself. Your blog says your in southern california. I'm in L.A. I'm trying to find a good sisterloctician in this area, could you recommend someone?

bookgirl81 @ hotmail . com