February 06, 2008


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This is my 2nd time being tagged so here we go, 6
things/habits/quirks about myself:

1. Quaker oatmeal is my staple breakfast every morning.........yes, EVERY morning
2. Racial reconciliation is an interest of mine and i'm on a mission to make it happen
3. I'm the most direct person that you'll ever meet because i'm a P.A.S.C. (people against sugar-coating)
4. I enjoy the feeling of grass under my feet and taking opportunities to walk barefooted on it
5. A former introvert turned extrovert. I used to be utterly shy but now I enjoy socializing like never before.
6. I have a very low-tolerance for chick-flicks or romantic films. If you want to punish me, make me watch one and you'll regret it.

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SistaLocd said...

I feel ya on #1, although I don't eat it everyday I can it is so delicious especially when you hook it up!

Jena Evans said...

Quaker Oat meal... yum and yes! But we do the instant for now :(

Cool new avatar.

May you be blessed during your lent time...