March 25, 2008

2008 LA Marathon: Running is my seed, what's yours?

(above): At the LA Expo to pick up our goodie-bags ....Finish line w/ medal....Before the start of the race (my friend/running buddy Lisa)

(above): after 26.2 miles and still looking fabulous!

(above): 13.1 mile mark & still smiling :-)

(above): received my medal
Running is my seed, what's yours? For me, my faith is demonstrated through running, whether training or competiting, and forming friendships with others while sharing Christ's love. Running is my form of worship to God and in doing so I experience true freedom. This is my 2nd LA Marathon and I had so much fun! I trained with my running buddy Lisa for months and it was her first LA Marathon this year. We both attended the LA Expo at the Convention Center to pick up our bibs and goodie-bags while we explored the different vendors there. Traditionally we have a carbo-load dinner (eating lots of carbs/pasta/bread) before the race so that we will have endurance on race day. I completed my time in 5:52.42 and shaved over an hour off my time from last year. How exciting is that? I flat twisted the front of my locks to keep them out of my face and used numerous bobby-pins to keep them entact and my MLs held up beautifully. This year's race was much easier for me to run than last year considering the fact that parts of the course were changed again. This year I aim to compete in the first annual Pasadena Marathon held in November so if you are in the area, feel free to come and cheer me on!


Happy, Nappy, & Free To Be Me said...

Congratulations on your marathon! I've run 4 so far and hope to get back to running again someday soon. My mom ran LA that Sunday too! It was her first time and I was so proud of her. I can so relate to you in running becoming a form of worship. It really is a special time and way to connect with God. Again congratulations!

Taz said...

Hi Kalia, Congrats on your LA Marathon AWESOME finish, I've only done 1/2's but my seed is Triathlons, I love the Bike,swim,run and encourging others to reach the finish line prayerfully this fall I will attempt a full IRON. I love your pics, your locs are absolutely Gorgeous you have even inspired me to go play in mines and try a new style other than freestyle LOL..


Allecia said...

Congrats! I'm running a half marathon in May. Maybe I'll work my way up to a full marathon one of these days (but your hip going out during the last LA marathon scares me a little). But clearly it didn't scare you away from trying again!

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Congratulations on the LA Marathon, what a great finish! You should be proud of yourself and you looked good doing it.

~jaiDalon~ said...

Dancing is my seed! Congrats to you!

cheleski68 said...

congrats! my seed ministry is self empowerment-healthy life choices and hair! if i could get paid to do what i want, i'd exercise,write and do hair all day,lol!