March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, Jesus is alive! Once again I used my favorite loc-loops to create these curls and everyone at church just oogled over them because many of them had never seen microlocs before. I even have my guy friends grabbing my hair now without warning. ;-p This time I used more loops (1 1/2 packs) to create tighter curls and these lasted until I went to the beach the next day.
Beach locks

I just returned from the beach after boogie-boarding in beautiful weather and the salt water felt good in my hair. These are photos of my freshly washed locks after I returned. (I had fun w/ the camera so 2 out of the 4 photos have been altered).


Happy, Nappy, & Free To Be Me said...

Your pictures look great! I love the curls and oh I'm so jealous that you got to go boogie boarding!

Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Hey There,
I read your comment on my blog and just read your entire blog and of course focused on the Fake SL's. Girl, I can see that you can really feel my pain. Your blog was inspiring and your hair if fabulous now. Everything you experienced was my experience. Even when she installed them she said that she would just get them in and then tighten once they were all in. I didn't know what the heck was happening. Oh well, we'll see this weekend. I had over 500 locs and was comfortable with that so I guess I will be telling this consultant the same thing. Thank you so much for commenting. I really enjoyed going thru yours. Stay in touch. I will post again soon about my experience.

QueenLi said...

Your hair looks nice, very Nice!
One day soon, I'm gonna try those loc-loops.

Take care~

Amba said...

Kalia, thanks for visiting my blog and for all the warm words. I haven't been to your blog in ages. I just love all your new photos- beautiful. That mohawk was so sassy and suits you. You are really rocking your Sisterlocks. Looks like you had great fun booogie boarding and that special effects photo is awesome. God bless.

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Glad to see you back! Your hair looks fabulous!
God Bless.

knotsnlocks said...

enjoy your blog! clear back to when you mentioned the pipe cleaners. if you don't mind, could you explain for me, again :-(, how you use the pipe cleaners? and also, are the loc loops anything like those colored, bendy-like, soft tubes you get from the beauty supply store? and thank you for the nice compliment about my hair!

dewdrop said...

@Everyone: Thank you!

Pipe cleaners: With the pipe cleaners, fold the ends in to prevent snagging, wrap 3-5 locks around the pipe at one end and once you roll all the way to the root, bend the exposed end over the wrapped locks to hold them in place. To remove, unbend the exposed end straight, grab the other end w/ the locks wrapped around it and pull down. The pipe will slip out.

Loc Loops: I never used the soft tubes from the beauty supply store and i'm not sure if they work the same way as loc loops. I do know however that anything you use will create a curl, but loc loops are softer, stay in place and are easier to sleep on in my opinion. The material is also napp-friendly.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Very nice Easter hair-do.

SeZ said...

I love these photos of you they look very fun. Having hair freedom is just wonderful isn't it? Can I ask how is dating with having locks?

dewdrop said...

@Sez: Having hair freedom is wonderful! I never had any issues with dating while having my locks because i'm so comfortable in my own skin and hair that it just rubs off on people. My locks are like a magnet, I have guy friends who just go out of their way to touch them so I know that they appreciate them. The funny thing is that everyone else is quick to notice how quickly my locks grow but I can never seem to.

The most common compliments I receive from friends are:

1."No matter what you do to your hair, you always have it looking fabulous(referring to my locks).
2. "I've never seen locks/dreads like these before"
3. "I just absolutely love your locks!"

Tra said...

love all the updates! Congrats on completing and beating your time in the marathon.

that pic with your hair swing foward is a new fave of mine. How did you do that?

AnyaPosh said...

oh wow! when I see hair like yours, I actually contemplate getting locks.