April 20, 2008

How To Fix Bunching (In the middle of your locks)

I posted this information on Nappturality last September because a member had issues with her SLs bunching, so I made some suggestions and she found how helpful my directions were. It's a guide as to how to fix bunching or bumpy locks (based on my trails and errors). This works only if your locks haven't completely locked so for anyone who needs it, it's here for you.

Original post from Nappturality
Poster w/ SLs: "My question is should I completely undo those particular locks and then restart them as braidlocks or do you think it would be ok to just undo the bunched part and re braid that? I did a search on bunching and gnarled locks but can't find an answer to this particular question."

My response: "I have an answer for you. I had SLs too and I had some bunching near the ends when I colored and this is what I did to fix them. I did not take them down because you don't have to since there is another way to fix them. Since your lock has the pattern, all you need to do is shift the pattern downward with a pin starting at the bottom of the bunching and moving your way upward to the root. (This works only for locks w/ a pattern as far as I know. I don't know about other methods)."

= :is lock
8 :is bunching
S :is loose napp at root
end :is end of your lock
root :is your roots



Insert pin in the middle of the first 8 (closest to the end side) and push down away from the root towards the end of lock. Move on to the second 8 and repeat. Keep doing this until you reach the root and know that the entire lock pattern will be shifted downward so you'll be left w/ a loose root which you can tighten. Know you may need to do some poking/probing/jiggling to get some strands moving). This is what your lock will look like after shifting:


Therefore the bunching will me shifted from the end to the root and turn into loose napp, and once you tighten the loose napp your lock will appear like it did when you first had your locks installed:


That same method applies to holes or bubbles in the middle of the lock. Hope this makes sense and if not let me know. I did this for several of my locks and it was just fine.
"I just see this as a general solution to latching after going through trial and error. Remember, i'ved locked and unlocked my hair so many times w/ different methods and tried so many things on it over the years that this is just one of the solutions I happen to come across in my experimenting. Plus when actually doing it, it made sense. I just remembered back to when I was in Girl Scouts, we made bracelets/ lanyards w/ patterns and things and applied the same method so why would it be any different on my locks?"


Naturally Sophia said...

Good tip!

cheleski68 said...

ive done it 2 for my braids when they were loose from slipping in the beginning..i just didnt know what to call it...this will be a great resource for when that ques comes up, i'm bookmarking it!

JQ said...

I love your posts because they are so helpful. I am wondering if you have a video showing how you corrected the bunching in the middle of your locks. I'm so tempted to cut my sisterlocks off. My loctichian says you can't fix bunching and you just have to cut the lock where the bunching is. HELP please. Thank you so much.

dewdrop said...

@JQ: The only video I have closest to what you need help with is this one: http://kalia-dewdrop.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-fix-holes-in-your-locs.html "How To Fix Holes In Your Locs". Don't cut your locs because I had major bunching from the middle to the tip of my locs after I colored my hair around the 6 month mark. Some of them calmed down, others I fixed and for the most part they added volume to my hair. Don't let a little thing like bunching make you start over. If you can live with it and make it work, great! If not, then there are other options. :-)