April 20, 2008

Look what I did...

Front Taken Down (2nd Row)

(Photo 1: Lock take down) (Photo 2: New locks)
Let me give you some background on why I did this. When I initially had my locks installed, I had two people working on my head over two days but really I needed a third day because we were barely finished by the end of day two. They had the remaining front/top to work on. My consultant was exhausted and insisted on finishing in two days, so to speed up the process she made the front of my locks much larger than I had expected. She promised to redo them smaller on the next visit since it was already 1 AM and I had to drive home. When I returned for the 2nd re-tightening weeks later, she would split only two locks which bothered me but I understood because of time.
Fast forward: When I became a DIY-er, I split some of the remaining larger locks myself and the results were good. I left the hairline alone even though those locks were large as well and figured that I could live w/ them being that size. Now it has been 1 year and 3 months, and those same locks (in the 2nd row near my hairline) which I left alone, become fatter, heavier when wet, hard to go through my NL tool, and wouldn't hold a curl that well. After debating about what to do, I finally decided to split the entire 2nd row of probably 6 big locks. Now they are smaller and feel lighter so i'm satisfied. Besides, someone told me that the front is the most important part since that is what people see the most and I agree. To me it seemed that the back and sides were perfect, but that the front and top were obviously rushed. Don't get me wrong, I liked my front locks just the way they were but I knew that down the line that they would become too heavy for my hairline. I must do what is best for my hairline.
My consultants started in the back and on the sides of my head. I wish that they had started on the front instead but when you have to follow "standard procedures" as a consultant even if it doesn't necessarily work in the favor of the client, then there is only so much that you can do. The take down wasn't too bad but locking them up again was a tedious process because my hair was nearly 15" long. I hope that this is the last time I have to fix any of my locks.
Took Down a Lock

I don't suffer from hand-in-lock disease that badly, but this evening I ran my fingers through the curls on the right side of my head only to find one fat lock. It just felt so weird between my fingers in comparison to the others so I looked in the mirror and saw that it was way thicker than the rest. That explains why it barely held a curl and wouldn't fit through my NL tool. How could I have missed this? I guess I overlooked it during my tightenings. In addition to that, it had a lot of bunching along the shaft so I decided to pick it apart and re-do it. It took roughly 3 min. to take down with a little conditioner and a push pin, and by the time I was done I had 14.5 inches of napp. Wow. I split the hair into two sections and made two new baby locks.
I thought, 'hmmm, how nice it would be to wear my hair loose again' so I played with it a bit before locking it back; made a twist, let it puff up w/ water, stretched it etc. Then I thought about it, 'No, I prefer my hair freedom, saving time in the morning, and my wash-n-go's.' I will admit though, it sure felt good for a minute to have it loose again.
Dear Roots....

....I have a bone to pick with you because you loosen up too soon after a re-tightening. I tighten you up after a fresh wash, then wait a week for my next wash and no matter how gently I scrub you, you just loosen up and throw all my work out the window. Now i'm forced to wait another 4-5 weeks to redo you when it looks like you should have been tightened yesterday. Sigh. I don't know if it's the way I tighten you or that you just grow to fast however, I need to figure something out. Work with me please. Sincerely, Dewdrop
I really like my hair color, but after experimenting with trying to high-light one of my locks last week, I noticed that I had an extremely hard time getting out the dye.....from one lock. The creme was embedded in the lock a great deal. This concerned me because I thought, 'If I dye my head again, what if the dye doesn't come out of any of my locks no matter how much rinsing I do?' In the past it wasn't a problem because my locks were teenagers and still pliable when wet so it was easier to rinse out the dye then. Now i'm not so sure anymore because i'm at a cross roads as to whether or not I should color. My hair is stubborn when it comes to dyes. Any suggestions?


Faith said...

Terribly jealous of you. In a year your locks have grown so much. Did you start out natural?

The diy thing isn't working so great. I've married locks and they are thinner. I've lost locks because they were to thin.

I love yours! They look so neat and uniform. I've still got balls on the ends.

dewdrop said...

@Faith: Thank you! Yes, I started my locks in my 4th year of being natural and the starting length was 12" and past my shoulders, but they shrunk tremendously in their first year.

How long have you had your locks so far? If you still have balls, then it sounds like you might be in the baby/teenager stage and though they may be thin, they will expand when they mature so don't worry about it too much. If several locks are very thin still, then you might want to combine them again.

Goodnapps said...

I love how you just take matters into your own hands with your locks. Very liberating. Cute style too!

Lakia said...

I also have those mommnets of wanting loose hair. Your hair is growing and growing!

Meikmeika said...

I miss my loose hair at times too...and then remember the time it took to wash and style..

Love your lock styles as usual!

DJT said...

It is so funny you write that note to your roots because I feel exctly the same way! I was thinking that maybe I am not tightening them tight enough and that I need to go back to letting my consultant do my hair. But then when I see more and more black roots I realize that my hair is just growing like wildfire! It drives me nuts though!

Naturally Sophia said...

You took DIY to a "whole 'nother level". WOW! Your has really grown.

Regarding dye, I am a huge advocate of Naturtint. It does not have harsh ingredients and is gentle on the hair while still offering coverage.