May 08, 2008

Healthy food & healthy hair

I've been drinking plenty of water, eating more fish, raw/dark green vegetables and lots of pasta because I enjoy my pasta with everything! Every morning I eat raw Quaker oatmeal usually with brown sugar or fruit on top like these strawberries. Every now and then i'll each cottage cheese but only with fruit on top. What you put into your body is what you will get out of it so healthy eating of fresh and natural foods has always been a priority for my diet.
It feels so much better to have smaller locks in the front ever since I split a few of the bigger ones because tightening them was easier this time and they fell more freely instead of just sticking out everywhere. In the process of splitting them though it appears that some of the color is gone, if you look closely, but that's okay because for the remaining locks with color a high-lighted appearance is created. I like this change.

I like the look of my freshly tightened locks but i've also noticed something else that I like even more.....bushy roots. Since my virgin hair has grown out and when the roots need to be redone, it has become less obvious that I need a tightening because it all blends in as opposed to when I had golden locks hanging from dark bushy roots. It definitely screamed "re-tighten soon!" My bushy roots create a fuller look. Another observation I made was that my roots and scalp are really healthy due to all the water i've been drinking! (No more itchies..for now). It's very noticeable and i'm glad because healthy hair and scalp is a must in my book. After i've worn my curls for probably 3 consecutive weeks, i've noticed lots of growth after wearing them straight and it was amazing to see such a big difference. For once i'm beginning to appreciate my natural hair color more and more just because of the two-toned look that it creates. I'll probably let my natural color grow out for a while and then see if I even want to color anymore. High-lighting I may do, but full coloring i'm not so sure.


Lakia said...

As always, your locks are looking beautiful. I have also increased my water intake over the last couple of months and my scalp is nice and healthy, never itchy anymore, and I see less flakes.

Meikmeika said...

I go through bouts of drinking alot of water and drinking very little water. I love me some coffee and tea, which take up a great deal of my liquid intake. But I know I need to get back to drinking more water..

I love the bushy stage as well b/c it makes the hair fuller..

You make DIYing look so effortless!

STI said...

I'm so obsessed with your blog! I love your locs! lol! I don't think its possible for you to have a bad hair day! =)

cheleski68 said...

i love your observations. i eat oatmeal mixed with steal cut oats every am. it is the most natural form that retains the nutrients and fiber. i mix it with wheat germ, applsce, raisins and honey to keep it GODMADE..which is an eating plan i like to follow-godmade/manmade..check it out-bc it looks like ur doing it already!

oh, hair
you split already?! did i miss that! i like puffy roots 2-but i hate the job of tightening if i've waited to long,ouch..the creepers and the popping keeps me anal about tightening.

the water is awesome for our root bed! i drink 36-48oz when i get up, another 8-12 at lunch, mid day and dinner..i'm peeing alot,but my skin and hair are happier for it.

Onyxcherry said...

You've inspired me to eat healthier. I don't think oatmeal has ever looked as good to me as it did in this picture you posted. I love your locks as well.