May 16, 2008

Prepping for Summer & the unexpected

The unexpected with Summer heat
This will actually be my first Summer w/ mature locks and I don't know what to expect. Last year wasn't too bad because they were still teenagers, much shorter and thinner and doing their own thing. Now my locks are fuller and longer and my hair retains water and heat like no body's business and I can only picture having my hair up all the time to get it off of my neck etc. To any lockers out there w/ med.-longer locks:
1) Could you tell me what to expect, what you do/have done and what works in terms of dealing with the heat?
2) Do you experience dryness and if so how do you combat it in this weather?
3) What styles do you wear to keep your locks off of your neck/shoulder if it gets too hot? Is humidity good or bad for your locks?
Bad hair days can still come out good

So I had an invitation for a celebration dinner from one of my graduating friends which happened to begin the same time I was just leaving my class after giving a group final presentation. I was hot from the heat, my hair was disheveled, didn't have an outfit and the event began in 15 min. while I was 30 min. away and across town. So what did I do? I ran into a store near my university, tried on the first dress that I saw that was on sale (pictured above), raced home, quickly freshened up and put on the dress but I was still distressed about my locks because they were 1/2 straight and 1/2 curly and looked really weird. I was already late and didn't have time to do an up-do so I just threw it back in a headband and left the surviving curls out in the front (hoping that it would still look decent).....I thought I had a bad hair day but it's funny how your locks still look good even on your bad hair days. I finally made it to the event an hour later but my friends were glad that I made it. So, I learned that despite what state your hair is in, you can still find a way to make it look good even at the last minute.
Looks for Summer

The top 2 photos are my mother's day hair style and the bottom 2 are just for fun. A friend of a friend had this beautiful Plumeria flower accessory and I liked it so much that she gave it to me. Bless her heart. My friend plans to get more for me in different colors because I like the fact that it's a clip so no more bobby pins for me! This flower adds a nice touch to my locks so i'll probably wear it more often. These photos are also comparison shots of straight locks vs. lock-loop curls. I really enjoy wearing my curls because it's so easy to just wake up, fluff them and go! I do sleep w/ a scarf but for my straight locks I have to spritz every morning to get rid of the bed-head look, but w/ the curls I don't do anything and they last at least a week. Hopefully when my locks become longer, I won't have to worry about the b.h. look. The flower & necklace accessory will be a part of my look for Summer time because there is just something fun about doing this, it's my creative streak showing, and people always give the nicest compliments. I used to wear this necklace everyday in my undergrad and it was just a part of me until one day I wore the heck out of it and just broke. So, what did I do? Buy another one just like it :-p I think that this look is fun and simple without over doing it. Then again, being West Indian I have to share my island flavor.


Goodnapps said...

Both styles variations are absolutely gorgeous. I love the flower accessory too.

Kendi said...

Hi Kalia, Its Kendi here, dont know if you remember me, but your locks are very stunning i must say. Loving the color AND the summer look! Keep it up girl!!

Kwasmrs said...

You look great girl, you totally have the summer look down!!

I think you have convinced me to start training for marathons too, whether you know it or not. I just get so inspired when I read your blog. Of course, I will need to wait until I have this baby...LOL!

Allecia said...

I love the flower. So you don't find that your curls get flattened when you sleep with a scarf? It may be all in my head but my curls don't seem to hold up well when I wear a scarf, or maybe I tie mine too tight.

Kandgoods said...

lol, you were "late" yet you still found time to take pics- loving the hairstyle!

Naturally Sophia said...

nice styles! What do you use to curl your hair with as far as products?

QueenLi said...

Looks nice, very nice!!! :)

dewdrop said...

@Everyone: Thank you!

@Naturally sophia: I actually don't use any products in my hair. The most i'll do is lightly spritz my locks and roll them w/ the LocLoops or just roll them after a fresh wash.

@kandgood: LOL! Actually, I took these photos when I returned from the dinner.

@allecia: I bundle my curls and then lightly tie my scarf over them to avoid crushing them because then they will fall better when I shake them out the next morning. Try keeping your scarf loose.

Amba said...

Your hair is just growing like a weeeed!!! I love all the summertime looks.
RE Angela's do: She did secure all her hair back from her face with an elastic band before she began the bantu knots. The knots hide the band

Audrey's Pleasure said...

oh my gosh! you do so many cool things to your hair, i love it. i look forward to your posts all the time. One summer when i was pregnant, i wore my hair in a high bun pretty often, or bantu knots. bantu knots is my favorite no fuss, edgy, off-your-neck, cool-for-hot-days hairstyle.

Docs Locs said...

Your blog is awesome! Sooooo informative. Will be lurking often!

Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Hey There,
Not sure if you remember me but you were such a help to me when I was going thru my hair drama/trauma of contemplating a second set of locs. I did it and have had mixed feelings but I am moving forward now. It is what it is. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous and you are so versatile. I love the curls and the length is perfect. I can't imagine trying to do it myself. I admire those of you who have made that choice.
Love your blog and thank you again for being such an inspiration to me. I don't have as many locs as I had before. That was disappointing and I think I had them re-installed too soon after take down.. not as healthy looking but I am going to give it time. The look is totally different. I'm trying to make the best of it. Look forward to keeping up with you!

MeDivine said...

Hi Kalia,

Your locks are beautiful!

I will be sisterloc'd soon! (Waiting for my consultant to schedule the locking sessions.)

Do you have any suggestions for a Sisterlock survival kit? Other than the official Sisterlock starter kit/products, what products do you wish you had on hand when you were first loc'd (e.g., SoftSpikes, microfiber towel, Loc Loops, rods, styling products)? Please let me know.

I want to be prepared for proper styling and maintenance immediately after my locking sessions.



dewdrop said...

@amba: Thanks for the tip!

@A.P.: I don't know why I didn't think of trying Bantu Knots but it's on my style list now.

@wendi: You're welcome. Keep the faith that your locks will turn out just fine, and even if they are not what you expected, you can always change them to suit your style...kind of like what I did.

@medivine: I wish I had known about the micro-fiber towel sooner (which I have now) and avoid experimenting with dyes in my teenage stage just because I had so much bunching on my ends that I had to fix. I colored my hair darker now so most of the residual effects are less visible. I would recommend a satin scarf/pillow case, plastic bands versus rubber when banding, limit how often you style, dyeing or product use (aside from the shampoo) for the first few months and avoid shampoos w/ softners or moisturizes if you discontinue using the starter shampoo. Loc Loops are great for curls.

Kwasmrs said...

Hi Kalia,

What size nappylocks tool do you use? I am interested in getting the biz in a box so that I can take a stab at my own retightenings. My retightenings currently take 5-6 hours and that is without a lot of slippage. My consultant is great, but she is on the slow side. I just want to start getting some practice under my belt because I can't endure sitting that long the further along I get in pregnancy. Or being on her time schedule.


dewdrop said...

@kwasmrs: Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now is the best time to practice with the tool and I ordered a small size which is perfect for small locks. I recommend buying the small-1/4 because I found that as some of my locks thickened, the ends cold barely fit through the eye but I was still able to get it through.