July 06, 2008

Combining a few locks

After contemplating for the last two weeks about combining several of my locks, I decided to go ahead and do it. I joined several in the middle-back of my head because 1) some locks were too thin or quite weak, 2) that area was taking too long to tighten as compared to the rest of my head and, 3) when I first had my locks installed, my locktician made the middle-back smaller than the front and I had more locks to tighten in that area.

I made this decision because honestly, i'm tired of dealing with that section of my head and combining a few of the locks has made my session go a little faster. As I mentioned already in another post, the decision to tighten every 4 weeks as opposed to 5-6 is working out well for me and because I only need to make 1 rotation, i'm able to go through each lock a little faster than before. I still don't know how many locks I have but one of these days I will make it a point to count them. I also have some very loose baby hair near my kitchen, enough to start a lock, but i'm waiting for it to grow out just a little more.

Other changes i've noticed are that I can see more sheen as my virigin hair grows out, I have lots of new growth, I can visibly see my locks growing longer, and I see just a few specks of lint in my last row of locks. They are not that bad so i've ignored them. Also, my hair color faded so I don't have that rich dark reddish-brown color anymore, but at least I don't have that bright brassy color either, but it's somewhere in between.


Gilda said...

Hi Dewdrop. I really love your locs. You continue to inspire me to do tiny twists when see your beautiful locs. I might do some tonight.

Penny said...

How did you combine them. Can you give instructions. I have some locks that are like slivers of thread. Your hair always looks so good!

dewdrop said...

Hi Penny! Here are my instructions, the best way that I know how to give them:

1) Squeeze the roots of both individual locks together.
2)Stick both locks through the eye of the tool and use the tool to enter the roots looping through from East to West.
3)Repeat for North to South, then again for West to East, and again for South to North. (the 4pt. pattern N,E,S,W).

This should combine them automatically at the root and as it grows out, you'll see the marriage. I don't cut my double-headed dragons because I like mine but it's up to you. If you do, don't cut it until the newly combined portion has grown out at least 2" or so.

Helga said...

Yes, I've noticed that your hair does seem to grow very quickly! Ya look great, and I think that the hair color is very flattering.

Penny said...

Thank you for the instructions! I am on it asap. I was wondering about the two headed dragon. I'm ok with them too. I use the nappy locs tool. I use the small and the medium. Is that the tool that you used?

dewdrop said...

@penny: Yes, I use the small - 1/4 size tool because it's the perfect size for my locks and can easily fit through my new growth.

Penny said...

Thanks for the info on the mystery loc lady. I went to my space and read her page and looked at her hair of course. I loved that color and she has a nice style. Yeah I see that neo soul vibe. I like the color of her hair. It's similar to yours. One day I'll color but I gotta get rid of the permed ends first. Peace!!