July 06, 2008


In early June I visited my relatives in Kingston, Jamaica and I had a wonderful time. My purpose was to visit more of my mother's side of the family as well as learn about and experience everyday life in order to better understand my culture. I've posted some photos and 3 videos below:



Video #1: Enjoying an East Indian Mango


Video #2: Dr. Birds in flight (National Bird)


Video #3: Eating at the Gap Restaurant in the Blue Mountain Range


Kendi said...

These pictures and videos are beautiful, reminds me soo much of Barbados. I saw the breadfruit and mango very nice :). lol. You're making me long for home. I'm glad you enjoyed your time, the culture, food etc. This was a nice, long update...all different topics. Keep it up!

Free P. said...

AHHH! I am so jealous! I want to visit Jamaica but I don't know anyone and when I go, I want to visit the REAL not the tourist part. It looks so beautiful and peaceful at the restaurant; away from the concrete jungle and away from my cell phone!

Kandgoods said...

lol, I know you thoroughly enjoyed that food right? ha ha

still waters said...

How fabulously wonderful. When I saw that you were in Jamaica I was like noooo and we never got to meet up. But then I realised I was not there when you visited:(. The Blue Moutain Range is one of my favourite places @ home. The pics are great and I am happy you had a good visit.

one love still

Anonymous said...

I was just there but I spent my time in Porters mountain and it didn't look as beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful time. Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit I hope to see other islands in the future. Long time lurker also wanted to tell you your locs are very beautiful.