July 24, 2008

Lock Count

Fresh Retightening @ 18 months

So I finally took some time out the other day to count my locks, not that I really needed to, but in doing so I learned a few things. After splitting and joining a few, my grand total is 451 which is just perfect for me. I believe that during my installation, I had 500+ and then months later I split a few, then joined a few last month so I have roughly 10-12 two-headed-dragons. Having so many locks in the beginning explained why my tightenings took forever, but now that I have fewer locks then before i'm able to tighten faster. I've chosen to keep my two-headed-dragons because 1) I like them and, 2) They add volume. Maybe when I achieve my hair goal of reaching a certain length then I may snip off those extra locks . My locks are just the right size and honestly, I wouldn't want them any smaller with the thickness and density that I have (even though they could be and they were with my 1st set 5 years ago....but that's another story) .

The magic happens @ the 2 year mark. Someone please explain....
So I
keep reading about this on other blogs and I don't understand what this means considering the fact that I had never heard of it before. All that I ever heard was 'After 1 year you begin to see growth' and now I hear 'The magic happens at the 2 year mark'. Does it mean that you see growth, or fully mature locks, or something else? I'm coming up on my 2 year mark in another 6 months and this is new to me so will someone please explain to me what this means?


Khandi said...

I've been MIA for awhile. Just stopped by your blog, quickly scanned your pics and your locs look fantastic. I havent got round to counting my locs yet. I started once when i was re-tightening but then i forgot to keep it up. I am soon to reach my year mark so i hope i see growth and i am also curious about "the magic"

scholarly1 said...

Well I've had mine now for 5 years, and from what I can remember at the 2 year mark is that they were easier to maintain, meaning that I didn't have to be so religious about tightening them.. Hope that helps.

Blqberrylocz said...

I like the look/thickness of your locs in these pics!!! Nice job on combining! I have no problem combining any locks I feel that are thinning. After my initial combining a couple of years back, I did go back about 6-7 months ago and got rid of some 'fat' ends that resulted with MY combining...I am still in LOVE with my locks!! Continue to enjoy your journey!!
I have heard that the 2 year thing has to do with growth...I think that just one day you will look in the mirror and realize just how much your hair has grown, then you will go back over your pics and blog and DEFINITLEY see the growth!!

anthia-ofo said...

You've got some skills girl. Your retightening looks so neat. I've just hit 6mths and thinking of plunging in to diy. I've retightened a few here and there, not my whole head. And I have only 380 locs. That's like 70 less than you and you do your own! I also lengthened (fake hair) 2 or 3 locs- only by 2in or so to make them blend in with the rest.

3girlsmomma said...

dewdrop, your hair must LOVE being loc'd! I can't believe that you have only been SL'd since Jan2007. Your hair appears fully matured.

And God-bless you retightening your own hair... you've left helpful comments on my blog (suscribe BTW and I have yours)on the subject...thx!

You take very beautiful and meaningful pics...your loc styles ROCK! I would love to see you try DIY "music video" creation at http://animoto.com/?ref=iajxhscz

I made a very cool vid of my SL(I think) running on YouTube now: http://www.youtube.com/NappNine using Animoto. Again, thx for your DIY retightening suggestion and comments-- I have since just ceased from doing it mayself, not because I can't, but because I don't want to do it. Never mind me, YOU look so great in your SLs, the color, the styles you wear...wow!

I bet your "2-year" magic will be that your locs will probably swell. Sisterlocks start off so skinny, but as they mature they do indeed swell or thicken... that's my best guess.

dewdrop said...

@everyone: Thank you for the wonderful compliments, support, suggestions, tips and sharing your experiences. They really help me.

@blqberrylocz: I'm actually in the process of fixing a few 'fat/bunched' ends just because I find it very hard for those locks to fit through my new growth every time I tighten. I would prefer to leave them alone but after the fix, it's easier to pull the ends through. Also, i've been noticing rapid growth ever since my 1 yr. mark so we'll see what happens by year 2.

@ofo: Thanks! It looks neater only when i'm able to catch the stray hairs and interlock them with the new growth.

@3girlsmama: I hope that my locks don't swell or thicken anymore because they are already thick enough, but I guess i'll find out one way or the other. You might be right though because I notice that my virgin hair strands are much thicker and stronger than my colored hair strands which are thinner and weaker of course because the virgin hair is healthier.

Naturally Sophia said...

Your locks are so healthy and long that I assumed you had locks for many years. They're beautiful.

I am a little torn about splitting some locks in the back and crown of my head. My hair is so dense and thick that whenever I attempt it. My arms are just too tired...le sigh (LOL)

Allecia said...

I think that 451 is a good number for you. They look sturdy and healthy. I'm splitting the majority of my locs and now I'm worried that they may get to be too thin down the road.

DJT said...

Whatever that magic is it has been happening to you for a while now. I LOVE your locks and all of your styles. Our locs are the same age too! I know you posted that you hate the dye lines in your hair but it looks great!

euphoria said...

for a diyer you do a very good job I love your different hairstyles and I think I will buy some pipe cleaners and see how it goes, and I too suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and sometimes I get down on myself because I dont want anyone to see the bald spot that it created but I deal with it and love my locks regardless. So I applaud you for talking about it.

cheleski said...

i feel after 18mos the locks take on a life of there own and grow, grow grow-and it looks like that is happening for ya!