September 28, 2008

Living in Simplicity

Removing the Clutter
I spent the past week doing some major de-cluttering of my bedroom and closet and i'm almost done. When I mean major, I mean tossing out unnecessary papers, knick-knacks and miscellaneous items. I went through my entire collection of college books, notes, etc. (undergrad & graduate), tossed out unwanted material but saved a majority of my work. Pictured above is all my textbooks, folders, notes, tests etc. which I managed to store in one bin and place in my garage. The knick-knacks will be donated and I still need to go through the rest of my closet. My room has so much free space and plenty of light shining through the window and it feels so good! I've adopted this concept of living in simplicity and trying to live with fewer things just because i'm anti-clutter and it just irritates me since it is a huge contributor to attracting dust, dirt, and bugs. In the past, I used to follow the 'keep, toss, store' mantra but that didn't solve my clutter issue. So this week it was 'keep & toss' which worked out much better. The only items that I really had to store were my college textbooks and notes, and my art materials (since I paint and draw occasionally). I feel so free now!
Cover your locks when dusting

(Disclaimer: No I did not cut my locks. The head tie pulls up my locks in the back so they appear shorter. Nice illusion though right?). These photos were taken after a fresh re-tightening and within the first hour of my cleaning, I didn't cover my locks because I felt too lazy to bother with doing so. After about an hour, I decided to stop and cover my locks with a bandanna just because I was haunted by the idea of lint filled locks. I didn't have any problems after that but please cover your locks when dusting because it makes a world of difference. After several hours, my clothes and body had been covered in all kinds of lint and dust particles and I was amazed by how well my bandanna protected my locks. Even if you don't feel like protecting them, please cover them up because they will thank you for it later!


Alaiyo said...

Congratulations on the de-cluttering.Wow, you went through undergrad, and grad... I know it's probably easier for you to think. Also, the locks look great!

Tamra said...

With the exception of my studio, I'm a minimalist and am anti-clutter too. I HATE collecting stuff and will purge in a heartbeat.

Did I miss something--have you cut your locks???

dewdrop said...

@tamra: LOL! No I didn't cut my locks and I was afraid that that is what people would think so I edited my post to add that disclaimer. Sorry about the confusion. ;-)

Allecia said...

Ahh the feeling of decluttering your space. I grew up in a house with many knick knacks so I have an aversion to clutter myself. That's part of the reason I like moving to a new place every few years. It gives you a chance to get rid of the things you really have no need for.

Gina Brown said...


I love your locs and blog. However I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the direction of blogs or sites that cater to natural hair that is not loced? I'm not sure if I want to loc my hair as of yet and was looking for other options. My hair is all natural and about 8 inches in length.

dewdrop said...

@gina: Sure! . This website has a plethora of information that will definitely help you. Use it to your advantage because it's the portal for nappy hair info. There are some helpful yahoo groups as well: NappyHair, and Black-queen.

Gina Brown said...

Thanks and your hair is amazing!