September 12, 2008

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Summer Lemonade

This was my last look for Summer and in honor of the season, I wore this outfit/hairstyle and the colors remind me so much of lemonade in the Summertime. (I have a lemon tree the produces lemons when it feels like it rather than when it should (i.e. In Winter instead of Summer). Oh, I will miss this time of year so it's time to prepare for my Fall/Winter look. In reality, I don't make a conscious effort with my seasonal looks, it's just that when you get a little bored with your hair sometimes, you have to be creative with it.
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1. I went hiking/camping in Yosemite National Park for the first time in my life last weekend and enjoyed it!
2. I just discovered that i'm slightly allergic to chocolate.....who would have guessed.....but that's okay since I don't like chocolate anyway.
3. You'll find full, 1/2 full, or empty water bottles everywhere in my bedroom, car, backpack etc. because i'm just an H2O-aholic.
4. I have an extremely low tolerance for boring guys.
5. I'm a fan of the show Jon & Kate + 8
6. Salsa dancing always excites me

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Meikmeika said...

I'm with you on #4!