November 13, 2008



My camera isn't working properly so just ignore the pink glow in every photo from now on. :-p

If you look closely, you'll notice the color change as I discussed in my last post: the roots and ends are dark brown when the shaft of the locks is medium brown. It looks really weird to me but I don't plan to do anything about it.

I just finished tightening my hair tonight and on top of that I decided to groom my locks. My Nappy-versary is coming up and I just wanted to be ready to celebrate because i've been so busy with school and this was the only time I could do it. This isn't the first time i've groomed my locks myself so I know what i'm doing because it's my hair, I know it best and how it works. Grooming definitely helped cut down some of the volume and bulkiness that I had going on which made it difficult for me to even fit all my locks into one hair tie. I had many loose strands and I just braided them around existing locks before I latched. Then as the locks grow out a few more inches I will cut of those hairs still attached. If I cut them now then they'll just slip back out of the lock.

I've stretched out so many of my pony-tail holders so this is an indicator that my hair is too thick to fit into a normal sized one. I'm so glad that this is out of the way because I have so many social activities to attend in the next few weeks, so it's better for me to start early. Now my hair will be looking good when I run in Sunday's Marathon.


rmcandlelight said...

You locks look so healthy and strong. They are sooooo beautiful.

MsNaNa said...

Looks very good. You're right... you know what's best for YOUR hair and it shows. Can't wait until I'm on that same path. Ciao.

Sogolocs said...

Does everyone need grooming ? I was told I would never need grooming, but my hair appears to be unmanageable right before tightening. How do you determine if you need grooming or not ? It is a blessing to do your own hair. Your locks look great

dewdrop said...

@sogolocs: Grooming is a choice and it's not mandatory. People have it done for various reasons once their locks mature, but you could ask you locktician about it. If done too often, too soon or incorrectly, then it can cause the lock to weaken, become thinner or even snap off. My hair appears unmanageable before every tightening because of all the fuzz and new growth. That's normal.

cheleski said...

it looks lovely

Queen Nat said...

Just wanted to send best wishes your way for your marathon on Sunday. And oh yea, your locks still rock!

Tonia said...

You are gorgeous girl! I can't believe how much hair you have!! Your locks look incredible :) Cass says you are very pretty and she wants her hair down "here" like yours :)

She also picked you to tag! Sorry!! Directions on our blog!

Brown ButtahFly said...

As always your hair looks great!
I'm finally in the process of getting a grooming, and what a difference. I haven't had a grooming since I've been locked.

Anyhow I wish you well on your half, I'm sure you will do well, your a pro. My goal is to run a half next year, I'm not sure when though, How do you stay motivated, and continue to train no matter what. It's like I stay consistent at running for a month and then I fall off and the cycle just repeats itself.

Anyhow take care and keep sharing your tips, and pics

QueenLi said...

Looking nice, very Nice! :)

I remember when my first set reached that length... Now I can't wait for that length again {Minus the ext. I have now of course ;) }
I just completed a "Re-Ti" last week.

take care~

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone!

@queen nat: My marathon was cancelled due to poor air quality from the California fires, but they may reschedule it hopefully. I was a little disappointed but at the same time i'm glad that everyone's health was not jeopardized.

@Tonia: Awe, tell Cass I said thank you!

@Brown Buttahfly: My running buddies, good weather or upcoming races are my motivation.

@queenli: Looking at your pics. of your first set is such an inspiration. I can't wait to watch your second set mature.

~malaikablu~ said...

They have grown so much! And the volume is just rediculous. I have actually used your idea to take care of some of my bunched ends. It looked weird at first but after a few washes, they swelled back up. Great advise! Keep on sharing. BTW, I groom my own locks to. as you mentioned, you know your locks better than any one else so yo know just what to do with it. I wouldn't trust any one else to groom them for me.

Queen Nat said...

Do you think grooming is a good idea for looser curl patterns? My hair looks real puffy these days and now I know why. But will I do more harm than good by grooming? I'm 8 months as of this week. Thx

dewdrop said...

@malaikablu: That's awesome. I forget to mention that they do swell back up and will eventually blend in with the rest of your locks, you're right. Grooming has really helped decrease the amount of volume that I have so it makes it a little easier to put back in a pony tail or use hair ties.

@Queen Nat: To be honest, I don't know but I do know that looser curl patterns take longer to mesh and lock. It might be best to ask your locktician or someone with a looser curl pattern. Your locks are still developing if they are puffy so leave them alone and let them lock properly. Grooming isn't for puffiness, it's for when the lock has fully matured and there are few stray hairs sticking out that have slipped out from the lock and will never get back in. There is a difference and no matter what you do with your locks, you must know what you are doing or else you can end up damaging them.

Anonymous said...

How long do you suggest to others letting the consultant maintain their sisterlocks before they DIY?

dewdrop said...

@Anon: It's really dependent upon the person and what they feel most comfortable doing. I've known other lockers that continued with their consultant, took the re-tightening class and maintained their own locks, or, skipped the class and stopped returning to their consultant to just tighten on their own. It's up to the person as to what they choose to do.