November 12, 2008

Noticeable Changes

So i've noticed some changes with my hair over the past two days and I just wanted to share.

1) My dark hair color is beginning to fade more after each wash and I didn't really notice this until my mom pointed it out to me. Despite the fact that I used a permanent color followed by a color-sealant to prevent fading and avoided clarifying shampoos, the color continues to fade back to my original reddish-brown color. I know that the locks in the back rejected the color from the start but it's bright in the back and dark in the front
now which creates a cool two-toned streaked effect. The other thing is that my roots and my tips are dark brown but along the shaft of each lock it is brown in some places.
2) I spent the last two days tightening my new growth and my ends have become fatter making it difficult to pull through with each rotation. I'm not so sure what to do because sometimes it hurts and some of my ends are double or even triple the size they were from a year ago. I have way too many bunched ends that are contributing to this latching issue, but I refuse to cut them because I really like how they are. If I do achieve my hair goal of growing waist length locks, then I may trim off those ends. Who knows, but for now they are for keeps.
3) My locks have definitely swollen some more
to almost twice or triple the size from what they were on day one. I've decided to groom them at this point because loose strands were ripping every time I ran my fingers through my locks or styled them. They look much better now and I think the grooming will cut down my volume but only slightly. You can't avoid it if you have very thick and dense hair.
4) It takes the use of two micro-fiber towels for me to completely dry my locks now. I'll leave the first one on for 30 min. or so and then use the second one to soak any remaining water. I can usually air dry after that but it still takes some time. I don't know what to expect when they grow longer because who knows, I may need a third towel but I hope not.
5) My hair is growing faster than I can keep up with the re-tightenings. Initially it took me 3-4 days to finish my entire head before I became faster at using the tool. Then the time reduced to two days. Now I feel that because i've gained more length that i'm back to longer hours again. I try my best to be diligent about tightening but for so many hours every 4 weeks? I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this. I hope I can because more combining isn't in my near future because I already have trouble fitting double-headed dragons through my new growth. I like them and prefer not to snip them off.
I'm glad to be aware of these changes and i'm learning how to deal with them as they come. It's good to stop and reflect to see where you are in your journey and what's going on. I really enjoy my locks and will make the most of them as they continue to grow. Other than that, my Pasadena Half Marathon race is on Sunday and I need to figure out how i'm going to style my locks. I'm so excited because my locks are long enough to put back into a lock-tail. I'm looking forward to race day and if any of you are participating as well out here in Southern California be sure to say "hi" if you see me. ;-D


Thandi said...

You'd better still be posting till the day you reach your goal length!!

Naturally Sophia said...

Can I see photos please? Ya know I can never see your hair enough!

rmcandlelight said...

I just had my 1 year anniversary on 11/10/08 not completely locked yet and you are scaring me. You mean to tell me sisterlocks get thicker the older they get?

dewdrop said...

@thandi: Don't worry, I will lol!

@nat.sop.: Photo dependent like me eh? j/k Don't worry, you'll see plenty more.

@rmc: Congrats on your lock-versary! Please don't be scared because you must understand that no two locked heads are alike. Mine are getting thicker because my hair is naturally thick and dense so it's to be expected. I've always known that my hair would expand if I got locks. For you this may not be the case unless your hair is exactly like mine so I wouldn't worry too much. You know your hair best. A veteran explained to me that sometimes your ends will get a little thicker over the years but that's pretty much it.

Anonymous said...

It has been 1 year since I have had sisterlocks. My hair was starting to get fatter and fatter with some bunching at the ends (my natural unlocked hair normally shrinks a lot when wet). My consultant advise me to rub and stretch out each loc. I only tried it once after washing and it seems to help. I'm not sure if this would help yours...something to consider.

dewdrop said...

@Anonymous: This is a great tip, however my hair is locked beyond return so there is nothing I can really do about the bunching except to cut them off, but I probably won't do that until my locks grow to a certain length. As long as I am still able to fit my ends through the eye of the NL tool, then I will be okay.