November 26, 2008

Video: Locks in Motion

Locks in Motion

If you are like me, then you must have a "less-talk-more-locks, please" type of personality. So I decided to experiment with the video feature on my camera and make a video showing you what my locks look like in motion. All the talking is in the beginning for a few seconds and the rest of the video is just......well you'll have to watch. :-) By the way, if you are curious about the green earrings i'm wearing in the video, just know that I bought them at a Native American Pow Wow. They always have the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind earrings so I try to buy a pair whenever I attend one. The lighting in the video was much brighter before it was uploaded and now it looks a little darker, so the photos below should give you a better idea of how much my locks have matured.
How are my locks doing @ 22 months?
My Nappy-versary is coming up and i've just been contemplating about my nappy journey over the last 5 years. I am still amazed at how far i've come in embracing my napps and just celebrating who I am. I returned from a Thanksgiving gathering earlier in the week and received so many compliments about how fast my locks were growing. My friends are so amazed every time they see me and they must share their excitement, "Wow! Your hair is growing!" I find this amusing because they make sure to remind me with each encounter. Sometimes I can't notice the growth myself but it's good to know that my locks are healthy and growing. A friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in several weeks asked if I did something different to my locks and I replied that I didn't really do anything and asked her why? She replied that she remembered my locks being skinnier the last time she saw me. I was surprised when she said this because it was in that moment that I realized how much thicker my locks had become. I know i'm only at 22 months but maybe this is the "magic" that i've read about on other locked blogs.
Staple hair-style
My locks have thickened so much over the past few months that i've completely stretched out my hair bands, and I don't always wear my DIY hair ties. I've been wearing my locks 1/2 up 1/2 down with an occasional side bang or swoop and this works in terms of keeping my locks out of my face. Since my front locks have grown longer, i've been able to wear this style now without pulling my locks too tight just to fit them into a hair band. This has become one of my staple hair-styles especially when I don't know what to do with my hair or I don't have time to style it.
Braiding & Banding
Last weekend I decided to try braiding & banding for the first time in a long time. I am not a fan of B&B and you can tell because I stopped doing it when I became I DIYer (after 6 months). It just took too long and I have so much hair so I changed my method. I began dividing my hair into four big sections and washing each section at a time. This has been the easiest routine for me and i'm sticking with it.
I'm using two new shampoos now after experimenting with other ones that didn't work as well in the past. Selsun Blue Naturals (a new version of Selsun Blue) is my regular shampoo and always will be since I have Seborrheic Dermatitis). IC 100% Pure Tea Shampoo is my clarifying shampoo and I use it only when I have build-up or some serious washing to do. At one point I was using the V05 Vanilla Mint Clarifying Shampoo but I found that it left my hair and scalp extremely dry and crunchy, and caused my S.D. to flare up so I switched. This IC shampoo smells wonderful, is a great cleanser, and most importantly keeps my locks moisturized after a wash. It isn't drying at all and doesn't cause my S.D. to flare up as much. I've used this shampoo before when I had baby locks but immediately stopped because it contains a softener which loosened up all my locks and this was a big problem. So I waited until my locks matured to use it again and I would recommend using this product only when your locks have matured.


MAI-TY said...

Gorgeous locks! I can't wait until my sisterlocks mature!! Do you still experience slippage?


Queen Nat said...

Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait til there myself! Has the color change affected your locks?

dewdrop said...

Thank you!
@Mai-ty: I never experienced any slippage once since my installation and to this day I still don't.

@Q.N.: When you say color change, are you referring to the fading color or when I darkened my locks? The fading color hasn't affected my locks at all. Now coloring my locks darker has caused minor bunching in some areas but it's nothing to complain about.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Dewdrop! You must have been reading my mind! I was going to ask when were you going to make a video! Its great to hear and see you live!

Your locs are so beautiful girl! Keep up the excellent work!

Queen Nat said...

Yes, I meant the darker color cuz I knew you had bunching issues with your earlier color. Thanks for the feedback on my blog. I will be starting to tighten my own locks today. hmmm... hope it goes well!

STI said...

lovely as always! I can't WAIT to get there! It seems like my hair is never gonna loc though. =( I'm trying to be patient. I want to see them get thick and full and just be free. Your blog is always so inspiring!

Meikmeika said...

I'm still amazed by how much hair you have... Your locks are soooo gorgeous!

I'm sure you've mentioned this but how long does it take you to retighten your entire head.

I have such lock envy!! hehe!

euphoria said...

you really have beautiful locks I agree with meikmeika I have lock envy as well

Anonymous said...

Your locks are looking beautiful as always Dewdrop!

QueenLi said...

oooh, I got to hear Kalia's voice.

Your hair is nice, very Nice! :)
then again, you already know this!
Okay, I hope someone will give/send me a digital cam this month! I wanna show updates too!

Take Care~

dewdrop said...

@ Everyone: Thank you. I'm just glad that I can be an inspiration to everyone.

@Meikmeika: I spend a total of probably 6-8 hours over a period of 2 days. I wish I could be a little faster but it's the middle of my head that takes the longest to tighten, despite having combined a row or two of locks already.

Sacha C. said...

Thanks for the video Dewdrop. That was a treat. When you're done with finals do you think you mind filming a short tutorial on how to make hair ties?

dewdrop said...

@Sacha: Great idea. It's something to consider, but first i'll need to experiment with my camera some more and read through the manual again to find out if my camera's video feature can record for longer periods than just 1-2 min. at the most each time.

rmcandlelight said...

Glad to see you made a video. I hope to see more videos from you. you are such a beautiful young lady. Your locks are just gorgeous.

By the way, do you still have all your parts nice and neat?

dewdrop said...

@rmc: Thanks! My parts are still there but since I had combined or split a few locks then some areas may not be even. I have some areas where 1 row transitions into 2 rows only because of the density in that area.

SisterlocksMD said...

Your locs look great, I like the darker color. Do you still have to braid and band even after 2 years???

dewdrop said...

@SLMD: Thanks! Oh no, not at all. In fact, I stopped banding and braiding after the first 6 months because the method was causing my locks to unravel, loosing up or bunch for some reason. I noticed a difference when I stopped using the method. Not every method works for every person. I just decided to experiment with B&B again one day and I found that i'm better off without it. It takes too long and my hair is way too thick to make a decent braid anyway.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

I love the IC Shampoo, I agree, it works very well on locks, I have been using it for a while now and have not found anything that works better. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Hi, dewdrop!

I read somewhere on your blog that you stopped using the sisterlocks starter shampoo when yours locs were younger. what shampoo did you use then? I'm still in the baby stage of my sisterlocks. Thanks!

dewdrop said...

Hi Anon! Yes, this is true because i'm allergic to the ingredients in the SL starter shampoo and it only inflamed my scalp condition even more. I've been using the same medicated shampoo for years, Selsun Blue. My consultant was completely against my choice, but I explained that the starter shampoo did not accommodate my condition and only made it worse. My health and treating my condition is way more important than using a commercial product that is suppose to promote lock growth.

Anonymous said...

I see! Also, I read that you were experiencing slippage using the braid and band method. When I went for my first retightening, my consultant said that my locks would have come out with the third wash, despite the fact that I've been using this method. How did you shampoo w/o this method?

Thanks for your loc wisdom!

dewdrop said...

Hi Anon. To be honest, I stopped braiding and banding probably after the first 3-4 months and I just shampooed my hair like anybody else would. I just focused on washing my scalp and being careful with my locks in the process.