January 29, 2009

Confessions of a coloring addict

So i'll admit it, I am addicted to coloring my hair. I know that my goal this year was to focus on growing healthy locks, but I couldn't resist coloring my hair. While the rest of my locks are a nice reddish-brown, I felt like my dark roots needed to blend in with the rest of my hair since I wasn't feeling the uneven two-toned color. In case you didn't know, I tend to change my hair depending on my mood for that day. I had no intention of coloring this soon, but the desire for change knocked at my door yesterday and I debated about coloring at all the entire day. I dreaded the thought of the whole process and how lengthy it would be, but then I made up my mind today and decided to just color the roots instead. Thick hair is not easy to color and requires the use of more bottles, which brings me to explain this photo:

Ok, before you scream, what?! let me explain. Normally, it would take me this many bottles to color my entire head. But since I was only doing the roots then I only needed to use half the number of bottles. I don't like box colors anymore because they just don't work as well as the individual products in my opinion. Also, individually sold coloring bottle are richer and more vibrant and you can mix colors. This is what I purchased:

1) 4 bottles of Clairol Sparkling Sherry (for that reddish-brown look)
2) 1 bottle of the 30 vol. Clear developer (not Creme because this can get stuck in your locks and it's harder to wash out sometimes)
3) 2 packets of Ion Color Sealant (Works like charm! It conditions well and leaves your locks feeling soft, while adding sheen and locking in the color so
it won't fade with repeated washes)

The ratio is 2 ounces of developer for every bottle of hair color. (Ratio 2:1). I used two bottles and 4oz. of the developer which was enough to color just the roots all over my head in one sitting. Then I rinsed until the hot water turned cold, slathered my roots with the Ion color sealant, allowed that to sit for a few minutes and washed it out. Then I towel dried my hair so here is the result:

I took a picture in the sun (left) and indoors using flash (right). I divided my hair into three sections (top, middle, back) and my roots were all virgin hair so the color took very well and distributed evenly after leaving in the color for 30 minutes with each section.

Once again here is an indoor pic (left) and outdoor pic (right). I am very satisfied with my new color and it blends in perfectly with the rest of my hair. My goal is to have a reddish-brown color that is light enough to see but still dark enough at a glance, and I believe that i've succeeded in doing this. Oh ya, this will be my new color for graduation on Saturday so i'm excited about that too. Depending on how I feel and how the color looks 6 months from now, I may continue coloring my roots just because with virgin hair the process is a little easier versus coloring on top of color. I really like this new color and it's been years since i've worn it, but it's nice to try it again. Ideally, i've always imagined having long reddish-brown locks just because this color is what I find most attractive on myself.


Kicukalah said...

Like it lots! I admire your locs. I enjoy reading your blog. I'll wait patiently and enjoy my own journey as my "babies" grow and change. They are becoming unruly though. Going anyway they please, up, down, and sometimes straight out. I love them anyway. Yours are well behaved :-)
Lookin' good Lady!

Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks for posting this. I kinda went blindly into coloring my hair. It turned out good but I wish I had known about the sealant and the clear developer. I spent an hour getting the cream dye out.

dewdrop said...

@Kic: I'm excited about your journey as well!

@NS: Oh my. I had the same problem with the creme developer in the past and I knew it was not to be used on my hair in the future. The Clear developer looks just like water so it will be easier to wash out the next time.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Great tip! I just ordered a cosmotology hair coloring book a few days ago. I want to understand the coloring process better. I said I was going to let my hair just gray. I don`t know if I will feel the same once the weather warms up and the hats come off! LOL!!!

Your hair looks great as usual!!!

labelfreementality said...

Have you ever thought about using henna to dye your hair? It conditions, dyes, and helps your hair overall health

dewdrop said...

@labelfree: It is something to consider, but i'm not sure if it would be as effective because my hair is very stubborn when it comes to using any kind of color/chemical on it. Thanks for the tip!

Queen Nat said...

I had been wanting to color my locks a reddish-brown color for months and after I saw this post, finally took the plunge. Thanks for detailed posting, as always. I gave you a shout out on my blog!

cocobrwndiva said...

Your hair is beautiful!! I used to be a light reddish color when I first started and I dyed my locs jet black. Now I want to go back to that light reddish blond color again. I have dyed my hair twice within the last 6 months (using the box colors)and it did not take. I was told that I needed to bleach my hair but im afraid to do that. Can you give me some suggestions?

dewdrop said...

@QN: Thanks!

@cocobrwndiva: Unfortunately that person is right. Lightening your hair requires bleaching and that's really the only way to do it. Most box colors contain a 20v or 25v creme developer which is too weak to lighten the hair. That's why I purchased the 30v because it has a stronger peroxide and is ideal for achieving reds and browns. A 40v is used for beach blond hair and is very strong causing more damage and dryness.

In your case, the only thing that would really work is to bleach the hair with a 30v creme developer purchased separately and use whatever color you want. You can't avoid the peroxide because that's what is needed to lighten the hair period. On another note, coloring your hair twice in six months is enough so i'd suggest giving your locs a break from coloring for a while, considering the fact that you want to lighten your hair. If you are uncertain about coloring your own hair with bleach, then i'd suggest going to a professional. My suggestions are only based on my experiences so your results may vary. Good luck to you!