January 20, 2009

Happy 2 year Lockversary to me!!

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Below I have some comparison photos from my 1st day and my 2nd year. I tried to make the same poses just so that it would be easier to notice the difference in lock growth and maturity. It was really bright outside and I tried to adjust the exposure on my camera, but this was the best that I could do. So, hopefully you will see my locks a little better. Enjoy!

Day 1
Year 2
Day 1
Year 2
Day 1

Year 2


Today is my 2 year lockversary and I almost forgot because I was so caught up in watching Pres. Obama's Inauguration. Congrats to our new President...yay!

Facts about my 2 year journey:
1. My hair is healthy, strong and growing long
2. Even though I began with small sls, they have thickened up so much and I believe that they will continue to because of my natural thickness and density.
3. My virgin hair is thicker than my colored hair which tells me that my locks will possibly thicken even more in the long run.
4. It's taking me a little longer to tighten all my locks despite joining several of them.
5. During my re-tightenings, i'm more focused on taking my time rather than rushing the process.

Hair goals:
1. To wear more braid-outs/crinkles
2. To make the most awesome messy-bun
3. To resist coloring my entire head and maybe experiment with highlighting just a few locks instead.
4. Focus on continuing to grow healthy locks
5. Think of faster ways to dry my locks.

Current routine:
1. Wash 1x a week with Selsun Blue Shampoo
2. Squeeze water out of my locks, then use two micro-fiber towels to soak up any remaining water and then air dry the rest of my locks.
3. Sleep on a satin pillow case with a satin scarf to cover my locks every night. This prevents lint from forming.
4. I've switched my latching sessions to every 4 1/2 weeks because then I have a little more new growth to make a complete rotation, as opposed to every 4 weeks.

These past two years have been interesting and full of surprises. Overall, i'm so happy that my hair is locked and that i've been patient enough to experience the progression of my locks into maturity. So what can I say? I love my locks!!!


Kris said...

I am a faithful reader of your blog and so impressed by your ability to keep your hair looking so great on your own, I have decided to start retightening my own hair since I am nearing the 1 year mark. I have not taken the retightening course, but have pretty much self learned the 4 point pattern with the latchhook and nappylocs tool.
I was wondering if you did the same in self teaching yourself, or did you take the class? And since you do such a good job on your own hair, any advice other what's listed on your wonderful blog.

dewdrop said...

Hi Kris,

Thanks so much for your support and kind words. Congrats on approaching your 1 year mark and I encourage you to be a DIYer because there is so much freedom that comes with being one.

I never took the re-tightening course, but I started latching my own hair through trial and error, practicing on my doll's head, and with the help of tutorials from other lockers before I actually perfected the pattern on my own head.

I would encourage you to take advantage of the info. out there about latching through the 'How to' links posted on the side of my blog because they are extremely helpful. Take your time when latching and know that ractice makes perfect. What tool do you plan to use?

anthia-ofo said...

Happy loc b'day!Your locs are gorgeous. Do sls continue to thicken even after the 1st year? I've just about finished retightening my locs.Yay me! You're right, practice makes perfect cos I got faster as I progressed.

Kris said...

I have been practicing on my own head retightening a few with a latchook, which works well for the front, but I'm sure will be too tedious for the back, so I have order the small nappylocs tool. I'm thinking that will be easier.

MsNaNa said...

Congrats on 2 years! I'm faithfully approaching my installation date and I can't wait to reach the leaps and bounds you have. Keep posting, and I'll keep reading! Ciao.

So said...

congratulations! i have visited you page a number of times and i am really in awe of your hair

sunsail said...

Happy lockversary! I admire your DIY skills and hope to get where you are--someday! Baby steps, right?? :)

Sunshine Sisterlocks said...

Thanks Dewdrop for the tutorials!
Congrats on 2 yrs and good luck with the rest of your journey and hair goals!

Naturally Sophia said...

Happy 2 years Kalia! I love your fastidious approach to blogging and the care you give to each loc. What's more? You share the whole experience with us.

Allecia said...

Happy locversary! You are inspiring me to take better care of my locks. I need to be better about always covering my hair at night.

dewdrop said...

@Everyone: Thank you so much for all your love and support! :-D

@anthia-ofo: I've read that locks will either thicken or thin out over the years and that it really depends on your hair. Mine just keeps getting thicker.

@sunsail: Yes, baby steps indeed and an open mind to experiment.

still waters said...

Congrats dewdrop I too admire your dedication in the care of your locks and aspire to DIY status.
Here is to many more years of locking. Continue to be an inspiration!

one love still

Mali said...

Hi dear! Your hair is looking so very beautiful and your growth is shocking! I've missed you and sorry I've been MIA for so long. Take care. :-)

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Happy 2nd lockaversary! Your locs are so beautiful! I just drool everytime I look at your pictures!

Much love and blessing into your three years and beyond!

Jessica said...

I am so proud of you! I have been following your blog for years now and I remember your disappointment from the 1st and 2nd failed SL experiences. 3rd time is a charm! Congrats on your 2-year anniversary because you are my hair goal! You're locks take the word 'beautiful' to a whole 'nother level.

Kay exquisite said...

Your hair looks wonderful. They are so neat, I have visited your page many a times and your locks are some of the few I've seen that always look good. What do you do to keep them so neat and not fuzzy? Is it because u tighten them up regularly?

Cashana said...

Happy Anniversary! Your hair is the business. The fullness is amazing. More lock envy for me. BTW, I love reading all of your DIY projects.

dewdrop said...

@Kay: Thank you! Well, I do tighten them up regularly and I try my best to incorporate loose strands into a nearby lock, so that kind of keeps them looking neat. I'm not a neat freak and I do prefer a little fuzziness at the roots just because I like the fullness that it creates. I did groom my hair in the past so that might be a contributing factor.

Another factor is that I just leave them alone and now that they've really matured, there is little fuzziness showing.

curtissepearl said...

You are creative. Love the similar poses. Great comparison pics.culpati

Docs Locs said...

This is THE most informative sisterlocks blog with respect to sisterlocks haircare, maintenance and styling, hands down! Always on point! Looking fabulous!

[Just thought I'd weigh-in] ;o)


QueenLi said...

Nice, very Nice! @}---;--'--,---
Your pictures are sooo lovely!
Actually, the brightness outside is a great color-contrast to your dark hair. most make the mistake of showing updates with dark backgrounds and shirts on.

I hope to have updates soon, but My DH was in a bad car accident, and I have to take care of business offline. :(
{good news: He is "walking"} :)
{bad news: our "ONLY Car" gone!}

QueenLi said...

P.S. I mean "Dark Shirts On" in the previous comment! ;) lol

Take Care~

Penny said...

I just love to see how your hair has changed in the two years that you have posted. Dewdrop if my hair don't look like yours or sisterlock adoratation or abena(chosen vessel) I will be so sad.....sigh......Right now I am bored because this one year hurdle is so uneventful. Your site is so great for DIY and just very informative overall. My sister read your blog and decided to use the shampoo you referred to because of the scalp issues that she has. The shampoo worked. The hair ties instruction worked too. Keep blogging Dewdrop. The video was cool.

dewdrop said...

@DocLocs: Wow, I never looked at it this way, so thank you! It is my pleasure to share my uncommon experiences (lol!) with others and provide as much information as possible only because DIY info. was scarce when I started my first set nearly 6 years ago. I'm glad that people can appreciate the wealth of info. now and i've always enjoyed sharing.

@QueenLi: Oh my! I'm glad to know that he is walking and I prayed for the both of you.

@Penny: Awe, that's awesome! I don't know many lockers with eczema like myself so i'm glad that we were able to help your sister in some way. Please know that no two locked heads will look the same and we'll set ourselves up for disappointment if we expect our locks to emulate another person's. I caused damage to my locks at times because I attempted to make them look another person's in size, shape and color. That's probably why I have so many DIY posts because i've tried to fix the problem after that (lol!)

Don't be sad Penny, because your locks will mature beautifully in their own way. Mine have and I wasn't expecting them to turn out this way after all the damage I had done to them, but i'm really happy. Watch, you'll end up surprising yourself. :-) Yes, I will keep blogging!

curtissepearl said...

Hi Dewdrop,
After looking at other installations I must admit that I have more hair loose at the ends then most (really anyone). I know sisterlocks are retightened from the roots so i am not sure what to do with the ends. Maybe braid them? I spoke with my consultant about the ends when she was installing them and she told me it was normal. Not so sure if I believe this. Any suggestions?

dewdrop said...

Personally, I would request to have the ends interlocked some more (which is possible if you know how to do it because my consultant tried it on a few locks and it worked). If she refuses then just expect to end up with major shrinkage (which isn't bad at all) or bunched ends (not so good). However, if you do leave them alone then there is a good chance that they will coil, shrink and and mat properly. Personally, I would seek a second opinion (have another consultant inspect them) and for now you might want leave them alone until you get that 2nd opinion. But if in a few months from now they appear to be too loose still, then you might want to consider braiding them.

Listen to your instincts and if your gut tells you that something isn't right, then you are correct.

curtissepearl said...

Thanks for the advice Lakia ! I will let you know what happens with my loose ends.... :-)