February 23, 2009

The Growing Lock-Puff

This is my "I need to latch my new growth now, but I don't have any time" hairstyle. My roots had grown out tremendously and I had a mini afro growing underneath, so I put my locks up in a lock-puff which is getting bigger every time and tied down the front with a nice tie-dyed scarf made by my cousin. I really like this scarf because it matches anything that you wear. Surprisingly enough, many of my friends commented about how much they liked his style even though it was unintentional. I continue to wear ouch-less hair bands and i've stretched out just about all of them, so I know that i'll need to either get new ones or use something else. My DIY hair ties make great accessories but are not strong enough to support my intense workouts or when I go running. I'll figure something out.

This photo shows a fresh re-tightening of just the back of my locks and I have the rest of my head to finish. As you can see, I have less density in the back of my head so the locks appear thinner than the front or sides. I can't believe how much new growth I have because my locks are starting to creep down my back. This is exciting!


Kicukalah said...

What about all the talk about the hairties? Alot of people seem to have nothing but good things to say about them. I'm almost sure they are easy to make. Here are couple of blogs I've seen.



dewdrop said...

Thank Kicukalah. I understand and i've made my own hair ties, but the strings are a little to thin for my locks now that they are getting bigger and I need more support when I workout.

***8083*** said...

This is really cute! I can't wait to do this style!

TwoIslandsGirl said...

I love it! Your length is coming along nicely. Gone are the days of rocking the short styles! Although I do get tempted to cut my locs short every once in awhile :-)