May 10, 2009

Loose Strands

This is the back of my head and even though I have fuzzies back there, I never really paid attention to them only to find out how much they've grown. When these loose strands were shorter, I always incorporated them into my locs as I tightened my roots, but they would slip out every time and I never took the time to braid them around a lock or use the needle and thread method. As a result, they grew out a lot and ventured out on their own. I've been good about maintaining the front of my locks, grooming them and taking care of any loose strands but I completely disregarded the back. It's not a problem or anything but it's too much work for me to go through each row and braid or sew these strands back into their appointed locs. They only appear when it's close to my next re-ti. This part of my head is the most dense and I figured that this would happen at some point. I know that when I interlock my hair then i'm bound to have loose strands appear because my hair is so thick that it's hard to grab every strand sometimes, especially when you can't see what your doing. I feel that if my locks were larger or palm-rolled then I wouldn't really encounter as many loose strands regularly.
Update 6/6/09: I diligently used the needle and thread method to sew my loose strands back into neighboring locks. It was kind of a tedious process, but at least I didn't skip any locks and took care of all of them on one session.


Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Maybe you should keep them and twist or plait them sometimes or leave them out as you like or give them a different colour from the rest of your locks lol. Who knows?

My point though is that I think everybody's head of locks should have some quirks to it that makes it unique to them.

Additionally, the good thing with those loose strands is that you can always use them up as you need to, when you feel a lock nearby thinning out or something.

Anonymous said...

How will you do the 3 pt pattern

dewdrop said...

@ Anon: I explained it in the "Switching Locking Patterns" post under 'comments' because someone asked the same question.

robinc3 said...

I have the loose hair problem too, near the nape of my neck. I tried to put them in neighboring locks, my loctician has been trying to incorporate them into the neighboring locks. Nothing seems to be working. How do you plan to deal with the loose hairs?

dewdrop said...

@robin: Have you tried using a needle and thread? That will definitely help and I wrote a post about it not too long ago. During my last re-ti I just twisted them around the new growth before tightening the roots. They may slip out but at this point i'll just braid them around the lock if they slip out again. I'm not as concerned about the back as I am the front so i'm sure they will be fine. As a matter of fact, they have always been there and now i've learn to accept them, loose or locked.

robinc3 said...

I read your post on the needle and thread method. The problem is because they are at the back, I can't see what I am doing. So I have taken the same route as you...just let them be. Thanks for responding.