June 27, 2009

Video: Lobster Tail Updo & Hair Care

My Lobster Tail Updo

I finally made a video tutorial showing you how to make a lobster tail updo based on the number of requests from other lockers. Here is the original post with pictures of the style to give you a better idea. Video link.

My Hair Care Regimen

1) Water Spritz daily, 2) Use satin scarf nightly, 3) Wash weekly, 4) Tighten monthly. I'm a minimalist with product use and I prefer to keep things simple while doing my best to keep my locks healthy and strong. Video link.

One-day Crinkles

Now that my locks are mature, fuller and create this in-between length when crinkled, i've been experimenting with how to accommodate this length by wearing a head band. I'm beginning to notice that when I wear my locks down the length of my locks weigh down the style. Other than that I like my braid outs (made with plaits) even if they only last for a day.


***Sisterlocks*** said...

I always like to see your different hair styles! Very cute!

Moosiko said...

Can't wait to try the bun. My hair is about the same length as yours and this style looks easy enough for me to try. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalia!
Your hair looks fabulous! I was wondering if you could post or have posted about fixing holes in locks?

dewdrop said...

Thanks ladies!

@Anon: Thank you! I've posted about fixing bunched locks and you can use the same idea about fixing your holes. What I used to do is just latch my lock right through the two arms of the 'Y' to close up the hole and that usually tightens the gap.

futuremrsj said...

hey--just wanted to let you know i posted your youtube video on my blog.

dewdrop said...

@futuremrsj: Thank you for letting me know and I really appreciate it.