July 21, 2009

A Sizzling Summer Look

A Side Bun with Flowers
I am a fan of the 1920's and 1930's music era and had always emulated various hairstyles from both eras when I was a permie, but then I wondered about doing the same thing again with my locks. To be honest with you it's not that easy, but I was still curious about trying so I attempted to go for the B.illie H.oliday look. I made a big side bun which took 2 hair ties and and old schools crunchy just to create because my hair is so thick and it nearly seemed impossible to do. I've always wanted to try this style but had to wait until my locks grew long enough to achieve it. Of course I decorated my bun with two silk plumeria flower accessories which my friend purchased for me during her visit in Hawaii. This style is so easy, cute and fun that I wore it for the next 2 days or so and just covered my head with a night scarf.....but I was only able to sleep on one side. LOL!

Lounge Locs with Side Bangs
Remember how I said that I was waiting for more length before wearing this style in public only because at the time my locks were to short to stay wrapped up? Well, now that I have some length, i'm able to wear my lounge locs comfortably in public and I don't have problems with them unraveling. Yay! I've given my hair ties a break only because I found that in wearing them so often they had weakened the shaft of some of my locks in the back row and now they are a little thinner. I need to be more careful because I do remember reading about how this could lead to breakage in the middle of your locks if you wore the same style with hair bands too often. Goodness, my virgin hair is growing out so quickly, but i've chosen to grow out my natural hair color for a while and not retouch my roots.

Side Note: Temple Hair

When I was a permie I always had hair breakage near my temples and I could never retain any length. I knew that constant perming, hot-combing, curling and roller setting my hair contributed to my breakage and at one point I had a receding hair line. When I stopped perming and grew my beautiful napps out was when my hair line grew in again because it wasn't manipulated as much. Looking back i'm amazed that I have any hair in this area growing long enough to create a lock, let alone grow at all. My hair is still a little thin in this area but at least it's growing. I just make sure not to wear my parts on one side for too long or pull the front locks too tightly when styling or making a loc-puff. I actually combined a few locks in this area to strengthen the base and so far it's working.


Nihu said...

Your hair is as fabulous as ever...very nice bun.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is wonderful! Thanks for sharing you techniques, learning experiences, and style...love it.
Fellow sister locker without a blog :) Rockstar

Jasmine said...

Hi, Kahlia!

I totally understand the whole temple issue that you were describing. because I used to wear relaxers and tight braids, I think that I have sustatained damage from traction alopecia on my left temple, but I still have hair there. I just never saw any growth. Do you think that with the locking process that hair might grow back? Any input is valued and appreciated!

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone!

@Jasmine: I believe that our hair might grow back in general based on a few factors: 1)healthy hair care practices 2) avoiding tight hair styles or tight head bands 3) little to no manipulation involved and, 4)using the correct products. The locking process involves little to no manipulation, so whether you are loose haired or locked, the health hair practices can promote possible hair growth.

Rashida Chinue Blake said...

I love your hair styles. The bun with the flowers was so sweet and elegant. I also enjoyed the pull back hang down style with the side bangs. Nicely done!

Amina said...

I looove the hair styles especially the bun!

The Real Nique said...

This bun with flower is so very classy and it really looks good on you. I really love it!

SugaMama said...

Bless you. I just love your blog. I totally understand about the temple area. That's my problem area too. After 30 something years of hair line pulling braids and creamy crack abuse... I am now rehabilitated. I dedicate the rest of my life to loving my locks and promise not to abuse it again ;-).

Keep up the good work. Your blog is one of my favorites.

dewdrop said...

Thank you ladies!!