July 27, 2009

Sweating Out Your Style

Normally I go on my early Saturday morning run of 7-10 miles, but not without being concerned about sweating out my hair styles if I styled my locks a few days prior. I typically wear a lock puff for running, but risk losing all of my crinkles and curls in the process and this defeats the purpose of wearing cute styles during my weekend events. At night time is when I prefer to prep my hair so that it's ready to wear the next morning or for the remainder of the week, but my workouts put a damper on my plans. In this case, I experimented with wearing my hair down during my run. Instead of wearing a lock-puff I wore my locks half up and let out the rest, so most of my crinkles stayed. This picture shows what my hair looked like the next day after my workout. The crinkles are still there but they've loosened up a bit, so I re-braided just my roots the night before to add more crinkles. Oh, I forgot to add that i'm also an avid salsa dancer so I also sweat out my styles even more. LOL! In this salsa photo of me this is exactly how I wear my lock-puff when I run, just to give you an idea
These pictures show what my locks looked like 30 min. after my morning run. It's evident that i'm tired in these photos but I wanted to at least take some pictures in the early morning sunlight. Of course I sweated out the crinkles near my roots after I took down the portion that I wore up, but the remainder of my locks managed to keep some of them. I enjoy the feeling of free and wild locks after a good workout because they look so great! I've chosen to give my locks a break from wearing my hair ties only because i've noticed lately that wearing a lock puff every weekend had put added stress on my locks in the back row. The shaft of several locks appear to be thinner and I know it's from wearing my shorter hair ties when I run. I really don't want my locks to snap off so I made the decision to wear my hair half up and half down to give my back row a good rest. I make sure to keep my shorter hair ties kind of loose, but I still have the same problem despite switching positions (i.e. higher puff, lower puff), and I know that my locks have thickened over the last few months. My looser hair ties wouldn't stay during my run if I attempted to wear them, so i'm thinking about wearing my lounge locs style in this case and that should solve the problem. I'll keep you updated. It's interesting how we are always learning about our hair no matter where we are on our journey. I'm learning some new things about having longer and more mature locks that I never expected to know. There are a few surprises but i'm taking them as they come. By the way, the bottom right picture perfectly shows the color of my locks as if you were to see them in person. Sometimes it's hard to capture that on camera, but thanks to the early morning sunlight I was able to do it. They really are this reddish-brown.


Quietspirit said...

You could try braiding your hair before your run. I used to wear my hair braided for several days to achieve a nice krinkle. I used to get complements on the braids.

Anonymous said...

In your sweating out workout you don't rinse? I am just getting to the point where I even break a good sweat in my workouts, so I was torn if I should rinse or not.

dewdrop said...

@QS: Thank you. I tried this before by cornrowing my locks when they were shorter, but they kept unraveling and the roots sweated out the style still. However, i'll consider trying this again once my locks grow a little longer. I'd like to try wearing plaits maybe once my locs reach a desired length where they will all fit into one hair tie. Thanks for the tip.

@Anon: I don't rinse because it doesn't do anything for me, considering the fact that I run at least 2-3 times a week. The sweat actually moisturizes my scalp and I just focus on washing my hair when I need to.

Anonymous said...

Dewdrop, when I had my first set of locs, the only stlyle that I could maintain throughout my locs after a long run were braid outs. I would cornroll my locs, run, wait about an hour or so before undoing them and voila...nice braidout.

My 2nd set of locs are short (2 1/2 mths in the process), but I think I could put them in about 4 - 5 cornrolls with a band on the end of each one. And your locs are wayyyyyy longer than mine.