September 04, 2009

Twist-out Flop

Twist-out Flop
I tried two strand twisting my locks for the first time while expecting the results to meet my expectations, but I was wrong. I lightly spritzed my hair with H20, twisted them up in sections and allowed them to air dry. They were too loose and wouldn't keep the twists so I wrapped them into loose bantu-knots thinking that this would create tighter twists. I don't know what I was thinking, but all I know is that when I took them out the next day, the style looked like a two week old loose braid-out. :-\ This style only lasted for a day and even though I was kind of disappointed with the results I did my best to wear them stylishly. I guess it's back to the drawing board because I really would like to wear a better twist out one day.

Lock Inspection

This picture was taken during my re-tightening and I wanted to inspect my lock progression. I don't really have much to say aside from the fact that they're growing, they look kind of uniform (not that it matters to me), the size is consistent in specified areas of my head where the locks are thicker or thinner, and I have lots of new growth. At this length, I can only imagine how they will look when they are twice the length they are now.


msfullroller said...

Your locs are beautiful!!

Quietspirit said...

Try leaving your twists in for a couple of days. You can always do styles with the twists. You may find as your hair gets longer that you need to leaves your twists or braids in longer to get the desired effect. Your hair looks lovely as ususal

Happiest Nappy said...

With your twist do you keep the twists together? Have you tried rolling the twist on a soft spike? I learned that when I twist and set on lasts the whole week. Maybe a roller instead of a band to keep the twist?

dewdrop said...

@msfullroller: Thanks!

@Quietspirit: Thanks for the tip and I think that I also need to maybe make my twists tighter or something.

@H.N.: I just two strand twisted my hair like I did when I was a loose nappy, assuming that I would end up with the same results. I haven't thought about rolling the twists on my rollers, but I think i'll try it next time. I just wanted to avoid having to use my rollers to begin with and achieve the same look, but i'll definitely take your suggestion if nothing else works. :-)

OnyxCherry said...

You should try doing two strand flat twists. Like the cornrows you do but with two strands instead.

That's how I always create my crimps. I make little buns with the ends that I secure with two little black rubber bands.