September 04, 2009

Video: Hair color



I know I said that I wouldn't color my hair anytime soon, but this was on the spur of the moment. I thought about it this morning while looking at my roots and thought, I have lots of new growth so maybe I should color it. I looked through my coloring kit and had forgotten that I purchased extra bottles of hair dye (that's a coloring addict for you). My last coloring was in January and decided to color my 8 months of new growth with a mixture. I really don't like box colors anymore and i've been using individuals bottles and my own creme developer instead to get the colors that I want. This time I mixed sparkling sherry with HL blonde (it's like platinum blonde and the lighter you go, the more drying or damaging your hair can be).
Disclaimer: How I color my hair does not guarantee that you'll get the same results, and i'm not responsible for you choices. ;-) Now with that being said, this is what how I colored my hair:
I mixed a 2 oz. bottle of one color with 1/2 oz. of another color and 3 oz. of 30 vol. creme developer, saturated my roots for 30+ minutes, went out in the sun so that the heat would speed up the process, washed out the dye, used some left over tube of creme conditioner which I happen to find lying around in my hair bucket, washed it out, towel dried it and made a video about the whole thing. LOL! That's it.
I was hesitant to color my roots again at first only because last time it took so much time, effort and four bottles to get it done, but this time I only used 1.5 bottles and was able to get the job done the same way. To top that off, the back of my locks took the color! This is exciting news for me because my hair is so stubborn with taking hair color, especially in the back, and i've tried everything to get the back to color. This time I must say that something different happened and it took the dye. I was only planning to do the front half of my head, but since I had extra dye left in my bottle I went ahead and did the back. This color is so pretty and I am very pleased with the results. The color will lighten with more washes so i'm looking forward to this.


Babydoll said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Do use semi permanent color as these dont stay in the hair like a permanent. I love the fact that you say you have several colors which I would love to achieve.

matrecha yates said...

Hi my name is Trecha I been following your blog since I got my sisterlocks about a yr ago you have taught me so much but today I am down I lost one well I know you can not tell I know well wish ne luck on the journey

matrecha yates said...

have you ever lost at lock I will be tighting my hair again in about 2wks I have learn if I can only make to rotation and not th complete 4 that is fine not to force

dewdrop said...

@Babydoll: Thank you!

@Anon: I only use permanent colors. Semi-permanent colors don't do anything for me because it's like oil on water for my hair.

@Matrecha: Sorry to hear that you lost a lock. Is it possible to sew it back in? I've heard that's what most lockers do. No, i've never lost a lock and I hope not to. I'm surprised that I haven't yet considering all the craziness I put my hair through. I read that you should follow the rotation until you can't go anymore, and then stop to avoid over tightening your roots.

divalovesyou1 said...

The color is fabulous!! I think I'm going to wait about a year after my locs mature to start looking into getting color! The colors you chosen definitely compliments you well!

matrecha yates said...

thanks I will do

Allecia said...

Look at you with all of these videos! You go girl! The color came out great. I think the mix of different colors gives it a more natural look.

Anonymous said...

The colour looks great on you, as always. Thought I was the only one who had multicoloured hair lol, I've used honey blonde, golden blonde, luminous blonde and vibrant red! But decided to go for the black regrowth with colour on the tips. Until the colour urge gets me again but I only colour mine once a year.

LadyDen (from the UK)

matrecha yates said...

Hello how are you doing well i finished my third tightening and I actually got done faster this time I didn't over tighen my locs if i could do the whole rotation I didn't worry about it i did combine a couple of my loc due to them being so thin thank for your support maybe one day I will det the nerve to do a rinse

Docs Locs said...

Nice to hear your voice!

Still running and modeling?

I am color shy, except for my greying edges, but you have emboldened me!


matrecha yates said...

Dewdrop i have a question like know some of my ends have locked and other are like fat and swollen will they eventually all lock like yours once they have locked completelt

dewdrop said...

@divalovesyou1: Thank you! I would definitely wait until your locks mature because then you will encounter less bunching and unraveling of your locks.

@Allecia: That's good to know because i've worn colors before that screamed 'box color!' LOL!

@Anon/LadyDen: It's so fun to experiment with so many colors. In my case, I choose a color based on my mood. ;-)

@Matreacha: Oh this is good news! You might become even faster so keep practicing, and thanks for updating me. Maybe those swollen ends are still maturing so they should eventually lock. If not, then it means something interfered w/ the locking process (i.e. constant unraveling, coloring, pulling etc.)

@Docs Locs: Still running, yes, still modeling, no because I just wanted to try it for fun at least one time. It's time consuming so it's only worth my time if i'm paid for it. I'm so glad that you are showing interest in coloring, but your locks are gorgeous just the way they are!

Anonymous said...

Dewdrop, I just tried this method ofcoloring myself right before Thanksgiving and it turned out awesome!!! Thanks so much for your comprehensive instructions. For other folks out there I've been SL'd for 3.5 years now and I only colored my roots to match a professional dye job I had done almost a year ago.

A Sista Who Locked said... do you keep your hair from bunching when you color? Do you have you-tube vid of that? I would like to try and color my hair again, but it was bunched mess and it took my loctitian 7 hours to fix! I can't do that again. What does a girl do??

dewdrop said...

I've just come to realize that it has been exactly 1 year since I last colored my hair.

@Anon: That's awesome! Do you have any pics and what color are your locs? :-)

@ASWL: I don't know if it's possible to avoid a little bit of bunching when you color, just because the dye has a tendency to loosen up your locs somewhat no matter how you color your hair. I've always encountered bunching or swelling every time i've colored my hair or retouched my roots. I don't have a video about it and i'd rather not record myself during a chemical process that involves timing.