October 06, 2009

Vacation Hair Styles

Q: How do you style your hair when you go on vacation?

I went to L.as V.egas with my parents and had a blast. We spent most of our time viewing artwork, exploring little eateries, visiting other hotels and going to the L.ion K.ing musical which I was totally thrilled about because it was my first show ever!
There is a tea house at the B.ellag.io and they have this delectable quiche dish. We ordered a meat dish and vegetarian dish with a large cup of tea. Those tea cups are huge so don't let the size in this photo fool you. Their quiche dish is incredibly delicious, makes a great afternoon snack is very filling.
The last few times my parents went to L.as V.egas they stayed at the B.ellagio and the W.ynn. They wanted a different scene so this time we stayed at the Monte Carlo as VIP guests, so getting access to events, discounts etc. was quite exciting! My favorite character from the Lion King musical was S.car F.ace and the show was incredible! The music, acting and costumes just overwhelmed my soul and I was tearing up at the beginning and the end. Please go see it if you haven't yet. Later on, my mom kept talking about this chocolate waterfall on display and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I also took pictures of some amazing cakes and desserts on display that would make anyone say 'wow'.
Then of course, there is my favorite artist, Dale Chihuly, and he is known for creating beautiful and colorful glass art. I have a collection of post cards showing his work, but to actually see his art in person is breathtaking. I was so excited and snapped a few pictures of his work inside his store, and left with a huge smile on my face. Maybe one day I will own a piece of his art.

Q: So Dewdrop, what about your hair?

Since I didn't want to be bothered with styling my hair while relaxing on my vacation, I chose to wear a braidout because I knew that I could get at least three days out of this style. The night before my trip I washed and cornrowed my hair, let it air dry over night and un-braided it the next morning. My crinkles held up very well, even when I went swimming, so I was pleased. The photo with my locks pulled up into a high bun was the day when I went to the pool, and my goal was to keep my head above water....LOL! Look, I don't mind getting my hair wet when going for a dip, but not when I perfectly styled it the day before, okay? I'm sure that you can understand how much work I put into setting this style, so I wasn't about to ruin it in a few minutes. At night I made sure to wear my satin scarf which I always carry with me on trips, because sleeping on white cotton pillowcases is no joke. I prefer to keep my locks lint-free at bedtime as much as possible when I sleep in hotel beds.


Chloe Bee said...

Looks like fun! I'm a Seattle girl so it's cool that you know about Chihuly...NEWHO I'm lovign the hair and love that yuou have longer hair and are still adn avid blogger. Alot of the long haired women don't do it as often...idk if it's cause their dont experiencing alot of first or they just dont care as much. IDK but Thanks!!!

dewdrop said...

Thanks Chloe. It's funny that you mention this because I too was wondering about this today...why longer haired women don't blog as often? I'm not sure why either, but I create a post if something is new, has changed, or requires a detailed explanation (kind of like many newbies, except that my hair has matured now). Since I don't really find too many long haired bloggers avidly blogging, it gives me a reason to keep posting and not get bored with my hair. At the same time, i'm hoping someone who can relate to that post will respond so that I know i'm not the only one going through x,y,z. Helpful comments keep me on track with my hair journey and encourage me.

Gigglz said...

Your locks look great, and as Chloe B mentioned not many long-haired SL'ers blog as much. Interesting, maybe because they don't have much to say anymore, but at least pictures will do so we (newbies) know what to expect. In any event, thanks for continuing to be an avid blogger.

Nubian1 said...

Ooooh the Bellagio, I stayed there with an exboyfriend two years ago.....i fell in love with the fountain that moves with music.....I was moved each time and took tons of photos....though the pics dont actually do it any justice.....The quiche were delish....Ooooh i want to go back NOW!!

We also went to see Tony Braxton. It was a great 10 days deciding what to do each evening, shopping and pool side by day.

locmocha said...

Hey Dewdrop! You are definitely one of my favs. I am not one for a lot of styling, but everytime I see one of your braidouts I think about trying it again. Maybe I'll try one soon. Do you braid yours all the way down or have you ever rolled the ends? Your locs are absolutely beautiful! I've seen you in a couple of FB groups as well.

cheleski said...

love it lady!

Nihu said...

Hey Dew,

Great pixs. Your hair is beautiful as ever. Thanks for the narrative on Vegas. My friend and I are considering going there for our next vacation in a few months. Glad to see that you enjoyed the Lion King. My friends son has the role of Simba. Please keep posting, even if your hair reaches your toes. I enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos.

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone and you're welcome!

@locmocha: I braid my locs all the way down and secure them with plastic rubber bands, but they keep popping every time. I'm thinking about using small hair bands instead but IDK yet. I would like to just loop the ends into a knot, but my braid is too thick to do this sometimes.

@Nihu: Clifton Oliver (big simba) and D. Asante Ervin (young simba) performed that evening and they were fantastic. Which one are you talking about? You and your friend should definitely go for your next vacation.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

Glad you guys had a great time me & the hubby are going 2010 for his birthday (halloween) so I am really looking forward to that & as always your locks look great sometimes my spirits get down because I have some scalp issue that has left a patch of my scalp bald right at the part line so I cant really enjoy wearing my hair just where ever it falls so I envy your vacation pics.

Nihu said...

Hey Dew, his name is Shaun. He was on the View here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZRfjKD8DCk
According to his mom, they switch back and forth. I've posted his pixs and the view link on my page.

Allecia said...

Your parents are high rollers! How do I get in on their next Vegas trip? Looks like you guys had a great time and you certainly did it in style.

dewdrop said...

@ES: How exciting! Don't get down because I have a similar problem near my temples due to my Seb.Derm. At times i'm more self-conscious about after a fresh re-tightening because it's more noticeable, but I find ways to mask it.

@Nihu: Thanks a bunch!

@Allecia: LOL! Sometimes i'd like to think that the older you get, the less you care about petty things and you just feel like living royally until your time is up on earth. Don't quote me on this though. ;-p

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Hey Dewdrop! Thanks for sharing your vacation! You seem to had a wonderful time! Your locs are beautiful as usual!


JamakaRed said...

Hi Dew,

I love your blogs. I always check in from time to time to get new ideas. I do the style where you put a bunch of ties in down the back, and you have inspired me to go from red to bronze, used your same color. I guess I would be considered one of the longer haired SL'ed sisters my hair is about bra strap length, and mostly I am just bored with my hair. I do however love to read blogs about new and exciting things to do with it. It is also nice when the people with longer locks post, so people can get style ideas from them too. Thanks for sharing, it is appreciated.