November 26, 2009

Loc Extensions: Introducing Violet (Client)

Back in July I had a friend who wanted me to make starter locks for her. I've given her the name "Violet" because she looks great in purple (and for her own privacy). When I first met her a few years ago, she wore a short-afro (a little bigger than a twa) and she looked so beautiful with her kinks and coils. She always wore a S.A. because it was an easy style for her until it grew out a few inches, and then at one point she became tired of her maintenance routine and needed a change. That's when I suggested that she could get locks, because that way she would only worry about maintaining her new growth just once or twice a month. Her face lit up and before you knew it, she had asked me to start her locks for her. I've never put extension locs on anyone's hair before and didn't know how to, so she sent me a video on how to make locks using the 'wrapping' method. I like a good challenge so I decided to do it for her. After studying the video a bit I was ready to start on her hair. After giving her a mini-consultation of what to expect and the do's and don'ts of locking, and convincing me that she was confident in her decision to lock, I started on her hair.


(May 2009): This is how she wore her hair before locking and it was approximately 2-3 inches long, kinky/coily/4B virgin hair, soft and fluffy.


(July 2009): This was a meticulous process and it took me 3 days to finish her hair because the wrapping technique is labor-intensive the smaller you make your locks. Anyway, she wanted medium sized locks (larger than a pencil) and this is how I made them: 1) I used the long, kinky hair extensions 2) Braided the root, wrapped part of the ext. around and down the rest of the hair a few inches, made 2 or 3 stitches (braided) then continued wrapping down the lock (just repeat these steps). The bulky parts along each loc are stitches, but it's not that obvious anymore since her hair has been meshing. I layered her locks as I locked them, and as you can see the ends look fat, but we later went back and burned the ends to seal them off and thin them out (photo not posted). Once Violet made her locked-debut, people kept complimenting her left and right from day one, and she's still getting even more compliments! Her locks turned out great, but my body and hands were so sore that I needed a serious massage. I did not use any product in her hair and I carefully inspected each lock to make sure that they didn't unravel. Every few weeks I would ask her about her locks and if she needed me to fix any of them, or, if she had any general questions and concerns. She's such a gem and so gorgeous.


(September 2009): These photos show her 3 month update and I we waited until she had enough new growth to discuss her re-tightening options again. I taught her how to latch her new growth as well as twist it so that she could decide for herself what was best and easiest for her to do. At first she started twisted her new growth and now she's experimenting with latching which is working out great for her. It has been 5 months already (no pic.) and her new growth is nearly half the length of her extension locs! She recently told me that she plans to snip off the ends of her extensions as her new growth comes in, and that once her own locks reach her desired length then she'll cut off the extensions all together. Keeping them shoulder length at the moment works for her and she plans to continue latching using the latch-hook which I showed her how to use. I'm so happy for her because she's been glowing since day one and her maintenance routine is even simpler now. If I must give myself any credit, then I would have to say that I think I did a pretty good job of creating extension locs for the first time. It was time consuming and a lot of work, but well worth it for Violet's happiness.

Please share your comments with her since she's a locked newbie, and i'm sure that she could use your words of inspiration and encouragement along her journey. I'll be sure to give you updates on how she's doing.

To be continued.....


Nubian1 said...

That's just BRILLIANT Dew!

Well done to've got the patience of a saint! This is also useful information for people like me who have new baby locks and want to maintain uniformity in length.

If asked, will you do it again????

Fuchsia/Fuesha said...

Excellent! See now your just showing off lol! You did a great job.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

OMG! You did a fabulous job! I just did a repair job on my girl friend`s SL. I sewed her broken SL and wraped the connection with her own hair. I can`t tell where the repair was!

Thanks for sharing!

Raxxie said...

this is something i need to learn to do because i'm SO intrigued by the process!

you did really well as far as i can see.

thanks for sharing

Felicia said...

You did an amazing job!!! I wish that you would do a latch hook video. I really admire your talent and your "go-get-it done" attitude about your hair. I'm having issues with having the courage to become a DIYer because my consultant tells me how hard it's going to be. Your blog truly inspires me. Thank you!!

anthia-ofo said...

Fan-ta-bu-lous! Now I know why loc ext costs so much. It's quite an effort, but well worth it. I've repaired and lengthened locs using the method you described, but a whole head? That's a whole nother story.
Tell your friend we love her look. she looks great!

Ro said...

Bless you Dewdrop!
You did an absolutely wonderful job on Violet's locs. Look at you learning a technique & implementing it. I am so happy for you! Violet's locs look lovely, this is a wonderful way to start locs. I think her plan of action is great also. Isn't it wonderful enpowering another DIYer!

Many blessings to you both!

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone!

@Nubian1: I'm not sure because that took a lot of work. Maybe I would if she had used another method to lock i.e. braids or twists which are much faster for me to make.

@NLP: Wow, now your truly gifted!

@Raxxie: Go for it! Knowledge is power and it's fun to learn something new and different.

@Felicia: I'll try to do one soon, but first I need some new growth. ;-) Only you would know the ease or difficulty of being a DIYer because it's your head. It's also easy to discourage someone from being a DIYer when you're doing their hair because you're trying to keep them as a client and be profitable. Don't allow someone's opinion to stop you from trying because who knows, you might enjoy being a DIYer.

@anthia-ofo: Yes, the whole head! You're right that it is another story.

@RO: Thanks! It's so empowering to be a DIYer and I only hope the best for her on her journey.

Kicukalah said...

From the first time I saw your blog I became a follower. All the info that you have provided gave me the confidence to become a diyer. I too love a good challenge and you my friend have set the bar. Keep up what you do girl. You did an outstanding job and my motto is "It gets better from here."


Pink Carnation Maryann said...

@Violet, those locks look neat and beautiful!

@Dewdrop, I am very happy you are doing this activity! I can tell Violet is nice company, and you are using your impressive skills.

The Real Nique said...

Very very nice. They the natural and the extension blend so well, I can't tell the difference. This is a great option for those that feel more comfortable transitioning with length.

Fall04Ace said...

Wow, Dewdrop! You did an amazing job! That can be your side-hustle. Your blog and your youtube have been real inspirations to me. I will be starting my SL journey on December 18th! YAY!

Jhavia Nicole said...

What kind of hair did you use? Was it human or synthetic? Do you know what it was called? I am thinking about adding extensions to my locs and this would be helpful info!

dewdrop said...

@Kicukalah: I'm so happy to hear this! Kudos to you for becoming a DIYer and keep me updated on your progress!

@PCM: Thank you my dear!

@TRN: I totally agree and I too like how both blend in so well.

@FALL: Congrats on starting your lock journey! Keep me updated on how it goes!

@Jhavia: I used the long nappy synthetic hair (not the short ones in those little square packages because they're not enough. We went through probably 5-6 packs of hair. I don't remember the name of the brand, but anyone should be fine and the long ones only come in synthetic form as far as I know. I haven't seen the long nappy human hair sold before.

Naturally Sophia said...

As I have always said, you would be/are a wonderful loctician. Her hari looks great. Thanks for sharing!