November 26, 2009

Costume Party

I attended a costume party and dressed up as a school girl. What's ironic is that this costume was similar to the uniform I wore in high school (minus the tie and a different colored skirt). Basically, I bought this awesome vintage skirt (details below) and school girl dress shirt with white knee-highs. I already had my shoes, borrowed an old tie and had sewn two red ribbons out of organza fabric to put in my hair, speaking of which.....

....I went for the Sailor Moon look and made two bunches. I made pony tails out of two old school scrunchies, spread out my locks and covered them with two ouch-less hair bands, then I tied my two red ribbons around each bun. I had attended a costume party and received many compliments on my hair and costume, at times being called a Japanese school girl. One girl at the party couldn't believe that my hair was all mine and so neatly made into two buns.

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