December 11, 2009

Magic Curls

Magic Curls

(34 Months): In October I was invited to the M.agic C.astle in H.ollywood. I wore a beautiful cocktail dress and wanted my hair to be just as fabulous, so I curled my locks and rolled them tighter than normal (w/ my lock loops) in order to have them last throughout the evening. It worked like magic and I think this is the best my curls have looked at this length. It does take me longer to roll my locks now, but for special events i'll make an effort to roll them perfectly. For casual events i'll roll them without much effort just to get a day's worth of curls at least. The curls in the back of my head have a tendency to drop sooner than the others by the end of the day, and then i'm left with tighter curls in the front. That's okay though, but part of me wants to experiment with pipe cleaners again just to see how much tighter my curls could be.

This photo was taken in late August before I colored my roots and i'm surprised by the amount of growth I had back then, however, it's nice to see growth comparisons.


paula said...

Hey Kalia,
Your curled locks are really gorgeous. Questions: do you use any kind of setting lotion? Do your locks feel heavier now that they are longer? Thanks for sharing.

dewdrop said...

Hi Paulal,

Thank you! I don't use any kind of setting lotion to curl my hair. The only time my locks feel heavier is when I wash them, but they do have a little weight to them now that they are longer. It's tolerable though. :-)

Naturally Sophia said...

Is your hair growing overnight? It looks perfect as always as you know.