December 14, 2009

No Retightening Challenge

A few weeks ago I had thought about resting my roots by not re-tightening them for a while. I attempted to do this months ago, but by the time I had reached my 5th week I had all sorts of matting issues, especially around my hairline. Disappointment set in because I thought that this would be an impossible challenge considering how quickly my hair grew and matted together. Well guess what? I found a way around this issue and attempted this challenge again because I really wanted to rest my roots.
Normally i'll tighten my front and back locks one weekend and my middle locks the following weekend to break up my latching schedule. During one weekend I didn't tighten my middle locks and they've remained un-latched for two months now, but I continued latching my front and back locks. They've remained unlatched because the first month I didn't have time to do them, and the second month I didn't feel like latching them. LOL!
I have so much new growth now because this is the fastest growing part of my head, and i'm challenging myself to not latch this section for one more month.
So here is my challenge: To rest my roots by not tightening my middle locks for 3 months straight (2 months down and 1 to go).
After tracking my progress for the first two months I figured that extending it one more month wouldn't hurt. This will be interesting only because I have a mini afro already and my my middle locks really need to be tightened. This is a big deal for me because I haven't tried this before. What's even better is that my roots haven't matted as much as I thought they would. One month remains and then my next latching session is the week of my 3 yr. lockversary in January. My intention is to latch my entire head before the date of my actual anniversary. With all this new growth I may end up latching 3 rotations as opposed to one, so it might take a little longer. I'll try to take some pics. and update you on my progress.


QueenLi said...

Your locks look even more lovely with time... I usually go 2-3 mon. before a retightening. I only went one month this time though. The key is after a shampoo with a lot of new growth is to separate your locks, do not let them "mat" together. If you click my name and go to my blog, you will see {scroll down} pics of my new growth and then the after pics from the retightening. I hope to have some new pics around Feb-Mar.

Take care~

dewdrop said...

Thanks for the tip QueenLi! I'm going to check your blog right now.

Felicia said...

I am such a follower of your blog. I don't have one of my own, do please bear with my questions. Is there a reason for resting your scalp by going so long between retightenings? Is it important to retighten every 4-5 weeks? Just curious!! Brand new DIYer. I just ordered my NL tool!!!

dewdrop said...

Congrats on becoming a DIYer and ordering your NL tool! Feel free to ask me as many questions as you need to, because I don't mind. We are all here to help each other. :-)

I've read that it's good to rest your scalp sometimes for various reasons. It's not mandatory, but if some people feel that their scalp needs rest from tightening too often, then they will do it. It's not mandatory to tighten every 4-5 weeks, but some people say that the longer you wait then the longer your next re-ti will be. 4-5 weeks work for me because my hair grows fast and my re-ti's are shorter. Some people tighten every 2-3 months and this works for them. Go based on your comfort level and how much new growth you have.