December 22, 2009

Twists: Introducing PCM (client)

Introducing Pink Carnation Maryann (PCM):

PCM has been one of my best friends since 5th grade and she came by to visit me the other day. She has beautiful napps which are healthy and soft and stretch down to her mid-back. In addition to spending time with me, she asked if I would trim her hair. Not only did I trim it, but I two-strand twisted her hair and she was thrilled with the outcome. She hadn't worn twists before because she usually wears a puff, but I showed her how easy it was to make them and next time i'll teach her how to do them on her own hair. Below are a few before and after photos of her hair:

I parted her hair off and spritzed each section with water before twisting. She did not require the use of any products in her hair because each twist held its own beautifully. After I had completed her twists I went back and trimmed her ends in order to create an evenly shaped bob. She loves to wear flower accessories (pink is her favorite color) and I showed her how to pin back her twists to one side and wear her favorite clip. I'm excited for her and she is absolutely lovely with her twists. Thanks for letting me twist your hair PCM!
Okay, I must admit that i'm beginning to miss my own twists now after working on her hair.


Brown ButtahFly said...

She has beautiful hair, her twists came out relly nice, you did a good job.

Newness of Life said...

Look at that lovely hair! Those are some beautiful twists!

Babydoll said...

It really looks great!

Aya said...

Awwwww!!!!Looks really cute!! You did a great job on your friends hair.

The Woman Inside said...

Awesome Job!!!

*Coop* said...

Aww, now I miss my twists too. :-(
Her hair looks great. I love her curls.

dewdrop said...

PCM really likes her twists as well and she hopes to wear them more often. :-)

Pink Carnation Maryann said...

Thank you!

My twists are so beautiful! I'm glad I trusted you, because my trim is so even. Over the next two days, at work, coworkers and members gave me many compliments. The next weekend, one of my friends convinced me to pull the twists into a french twist. The result is my hair is more stylish and professional than ever before. And I wear this style when I attend events with the kind of men I want to marry and get more pleasant attention. It's all nice!

I think I'll take up your offer to teach me, because I have a long way to go to learn how to twist as well as you. I don't know how in two hours (time shared with trimming) you made my twists so neat and fat. However, because learning is worth the effort, since your styling, I have washed and retwisted my hair twice.

And I'm glad that you had a merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing your needs, so I have the honor of praying for you.

Pink Carnation Maryann said...

BB, NL, B, A, TWI, *C*, and D: And thanks for telling me I have beautiful hair.