January 13, 2010

No Retightening Challenge Completed!

Three months ago, I challenged myself to rest my roots by not re-tightening my middle locks for 3 months straight as mentioned in this post. Well, the challenge is over, I survived (thinking that I wouldn't) and I had so much new growth. I continued to tighten my front and back locks during this time as they did a great job of concealing the new growth or the mini afro which I had in the middle of my head. I encountered some ups and downs as a result of this challenge which makes me question if I would even try this again.

Middle Locks

These are my middle locks and i've tied my front locks up into a bun so that you could have a better view of my growth.

Before & After

(Left side): My natural hair color (at the root) is all the new growth that i've been hiding.
(Right side): Tightened roots

Unlatched New Growth

My roots were soft to the touch, healthy and ready to be latched

Latched & Groomed
In these pictures, my locks have been freshly tightened and groomed because I had so many stray hairs that were nearly three inches long and making it difficult to maneuver through my locks without pulling or popping them. I latched this entire section first and then I went back to groom. It had been nearly a year since I last groomed my middle section alone.
As I began to tighten each lock I noticed that some of my roots had started free-forming and created a mini bubble or bunch between the locked part and my new growth. Some of my locks look like this now: --------o--- . It's not a big deal to me, but now I understand why some people say that if you don't tighten your locks consistently (if that's your preference) then you will end up with bubbles, holes or soon to be free-formed locks at the root. You can definitely feel the bubble, but it's less visible since they blend in with my locks. Personally, I enjoyed giving my roots some rest and not latching my new growth during this challenge, and if I had to do this again then I wouldn't go longer than 2 months without latching.


Raxxie said...

Your hair is too gorgeous! I love it! I tried a semi-challenge recently and got as far as 6 weeks.. lol

Felicia said...

You continue to inspire me. Your locks look beautiful. I'm just begining, but you let me know that sometimes it's okay if my roots rest. Sometimes I feel as though even if it is time (4 weeks), my scalp would be okay to rest. Please continue to post on your blog. It really helps us newbies!!!

Alaiyo said...

They're lookin good Dewdrop!

Nihu said...

Hey Dew,

Our hair is so similar it's eerie. It's like seeing my hair, minus the wonderful length, of course, on someone else's head...lol. It's a pleasure to see what my hair will look like when it gets a few more inches on it. I don't think I have seen any other locks that look so closely like mine.

I'm not sure how you made it 3 months. Girl that hair looks like work. You go with your bad DIY self...lol. As always, your hair is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very nice hair!

anthia-ofo said...

Any particular reason for the no-tightening challenge?

cheleski(Shelll-skeeee) said...

Wow 3 mos-that is truely commendable. your hair is looking Fab-and yes, my edges are healthy bc i ONLY tighten them every two monts not every 4-6 weeks.And, I dont brush them. I spritz aloejuice with rosemary on them, then finger brush them with castor oil for definition. love it. now i'm going to just twist them.

Queen Nat said...

Your hair has really grown! Keep up the good work!

Naturally Sophia said...

Your hair is always amazing. The lock envy meter is on full blast. AMAZING!

dewdrop said...

Thank you everyone!

@Raxxie: Good for you! I couldn't go longer than 6 weeks, but this time I really challenged myself.

@Felicia: You're welcome. It's here for you.

@Nihu: It's hard to find your hair twin, but i'm glad that you've found one. Yes, it does seem like a lot of work just to latch, but if I break up my time then it's less monotonous.

@Anthia: Simply because a year ago NP had a semi-freeforming challenge (basically no-reti for 2-3 months)that I really wanted to try, but my hair wouldn't cooperate after 5 weeks and I had important social events to attend at that time, so I postponed it.

@Cheleski: You hairline regimen sounds so enticing and I adore your locks.

Afrolady said...

Your hair looks AMAZING!! You are such an inspiration and teacher for the rest of us. THANK YOU for taking the time to be you and share your wonderful insights with us. Peace Lovie!!

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Kalia, your locks are looking beautiful, healthy, and they are really growing. Keep up the great work :)

Allecia said...

You have so much hair!! Gorgeous!

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

Happy lock-versary, thank you for inspiring me, and giving great tutorials, your locks look great & it seems like your hair went on a growth spurt

Anonymous said...

Hi Dewdrop,

I always love reading your blog. It's like reading a how to do manual on time management, decision making, and a whole host of things, not just hair. That being said, I'm missing a page from your manual on hair: How to stitch stray ends. As a palm-roller-turned-DIY-latcher I don't have a consultant to control the strays. How did you do it? Thanks and I'm looking forward to the next entry.


P.S. Happy lockversary!

dewdrop said...

Thank you everyone!

@Anon/Iris: If I understand you correctly, are you having issues with loose ends? If so, what I usually do is roll them up into a ball around the lock, tease the hair back into the lock, or, i'll simply tie my loose ends into 2-3 knots until they mesh back into the lock. I hope this answers your question.

Epek said...

About how long doesit take u to retighten your entire head? I have maybe about 220 locks that have been palm-rolled even sinced i locked my hair up back in april of 2008.After watching your interlocking tutorial on youtube i've decided to give that a try as a way to save money and to keep me from being dependent on anyone else when its time to retighten.

dewdrop said...

@Epek: I tighten half my head one day and the other half another day, so collectively it takes me about 2 days. It's good that you are going to give interlocking a try and keep me updated on your progress. :-)

cartersherrita said...


I absolutely LOVE your hair!! I have had traditional locs for 7 years, and am now thinking about starting sisterlocs on my 7 year old daughter, as I feel they may allow her more flexibility than traditional. I am interested in hearing more about why you decided to combine yours to make traditional locs, as I need to decide if I should start traditional with my little one or not. My email is cartersherrita@hotmail.com. Thanks.

dewdrop said...

Hi Cartershrrita,

Thank you. To be honest with you even though I had SLs my natural thickness and density did not allow me more flexibility as I had expected. I still couldn't do certain styles that I saw on other women because my hair was too thick. I explained all my reasons as to why i've combined to make TLs, so please read the "I've combined my locs" post. Thanks.