February 24, 2010

V-day Locs, Food & Fun!

Valentine's Day Salsa Locks

One of my dearest friends (pictured below) had a pot-luck style dinner at her house and invited some of our girlfriends. The dinner was so lovely and the room was filled with love, friendship and sisterhood. After dinner we went salsa dancing and had a blast! My hair had a more wispy look after the curls drooped from the day before (pictured below), so I just put it up in a pony tail, stuck a flower in the side, put on a new eye-liner and made it work for me.

L.A. Street Food Fest

We visited the L.A. Street Food Fest recently and met up with some of our friends for an exciting day of food and fun. We rode the metro, walked for blocks to join a long line to get in and tried some tasty food! In the first picture we had this Hawaiian/Korean BBQ Burger that was so good as well as some other great samplers. I curled my hair for this event but it kind of flopped by the end of the day because of the heat (it felt like summer in Feb.) and that's why my salsa locks (pictured at the top of this post) look the way they do.

Random Loc Photos

I have a few random photos of my locs and I decided to post them just for the fun of it.
(Top left): Dec. '09 I went caroling with my choir and it was so much fun!
(Top right): June '09 I attended a baby shower and wore my locs freestyle
(Bottom): Jan. '10 I wore a simple style for an outing.


Jade-Sky said...

HI Kalia...i absolutely love your locks...i just got my test locks and intend to become a DIYer as soon as my lock mature...Please continue to post re-tightening videos.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Girl! you look so professional with your glassed and your locs! I will be calling you professor Dewdrop! LOL!