March 15, 2010

Twists: PCM update

Pink Carnation Maryann (PCM) can twist her own hair now!!

Remember my best friend PCM (<--click for her other post) and how I twisted her hair for her 4 months ago for the first time? Ever since then she had wanted to learn how to do them herself. Well guess what? She can twist her own hair now! Yesterday I had a one-on-one session with her on how to two strand twist her own hair in addition to spending time with her. I showed her how to make parts using her fingers, work on each section at a time, different ways to twist and how to plump them up with H20. It took her a long time at first just to do them herself, but four twists later she quickly picked up the pace and mastered the technique. I monitored her skill with each twist and she did an excellent job for her first time! She really enjoys medium to jumbo size twists because they plump up more on her head and they take less time to do. She was encouraged when I told her how much faster she would become with more practice, and she's so excited. Her hair is nearly arm-pit-length, full and luscious. Showing her how to twist her hair made me reminisce about my twists when I had loose napps. I miss my twists now, but I will wear them again one day. Her twists are absolutely beautiful and she did and amazing job! She asked if there were photo albums online of other twist wearers (and there are), but if you could recommend any w/ a link then she would be so appreciative.


BlaqKofi said...

Great job PCM and great teacher. You're a DIY'r!

Anonymous said... has great pics of twists, and there is even a forum about twists alone. You can also go to the "General cNapp Discussion" forum and view the thread called "How are you wearing your hair today." I'm not sure if PCM is a "cNapp", but I'm sure she will find these threads inspiring. I love the cute flower and the twists. Good Luck!

dewdrop said...

@BK: Thanks!
@Anon: Thanks for the links. She's not a cnapp, but that shouldn't stop her from viewing the albums of beautiful twisted styles.:-)