April 26, 2010

April Updates

I have a few pictures of what my locs look like 2 months post-combining. In these first two pictures you can see 4 weeks of new growth, but I plan to wait 1-2 more weeks before latching my roots again.

These pictures were taken at the beginning of the month when I attended my friend's birthday/surprise engagement party (left), and another friend's surprise birthday party (right).

left: 2010  / right: 2008
Remember one of my best friends from 3rd grade? Check out this picture of us from 2 years ago on the right side when my locs were much shorter, and notice how much my they have grown since! Isn't that crazy? Here is the original post about our visit (scroll down to "Tea Time").


Audrey's Pleasure said...

hi dewdrop, your hair stills gargeous! by the way i've finally updated my blog.

Peace and Sound said...

your journey is amazing Dewdrop. So inspiring!!!