April 26, 2010

Egg/Mayo Protein Treatment

Since one of my goals is to grow healthy hair, i've been on this quest to find ways to condition my locs without further irritating my scalp by doing the wrong thing. I researched information about an egg and mayo protein deep conditioner treatment on NP and found a wealth of information and testimonials from loose nappies, but none from loc'd heads. I wondered if I tried this treatment whether or not it would leave gunk in my hair. So, I did what I always do.....experiment! I tried this treatment about a month ago and I had some amazing results! Below is a video of the process:

I didn't get any gunk trapped in my locs and this treatment was easier than I thought!
My results
: My locs were soft the same day, after a week I noticed how much stronger my roots had become, my hair follicles had so much sheen and my hair felt well conditioned overall! =) I plan to continue this treatment every 1-3 months and maybe i'll do just my roots.

If you can't access the video, then i've posted pictures with instructions below.

HOW TO Do AN....

*Don't do this treatment more than once a month*
You'll need 2 eggs (I have a lot of hair) or just 1 egg, 1/2 a jar of mayonnaise (mine was a 30 fl. oz jar) and a bottle of conditioner with a strong scent to mask the egg smell.

2) Mix eggs and mayo together until it's creamy

3) Slather the mix all over your locs from root to tip (or just your roots)

4) Section off your hair in bunches to prepare for soaking
5) Soak your locs under a shower cap for 90 min. (or longer, it's up to you)

6) Rinse with COLD WATER (hot water literally scrambles the eggs in your hair)

7) Apply conditioner (w/ a strong scent to mask the egg smell). I used coconut scented shampoo.
8) Towel dry and inspect your locs for pieces of egg. Done!!


Saabira said...

Oh see I cant wait to try this but Im not going to lie Im kinda scared about putting that in my hair. I did a ACV rinse and my hair smelled like vinegar for a good two days even after I washed it twice. I know that it would be great for my hair since I color it, but im still scared. I know that if you can do it so can I (fingers crossed).

Nubian1 said...

Did a similar treatment to remove layers of colour and brassiness. Though to be honest it did look brighter some might say even brassier. Check out my post let me know what you think. Main thing it removed the permanent colour and took me back to my henna layers.

Anonymous said...

I do this treatment alot. I am suprised you did not see me talkin on np about it. I talked about it all the time. and I mean all the time. I am on my second set of locs and still doing it. I love it!

Kandgoods said...

Wow, I would love to try this, but I think my rinsing process isn't as vigorous as yours because I always get build up in my locks. That's just from shampoo, I wouldn't want to risk it with egg and mayo!!! Any tips for getting the residue out, because I can't see my whole head and after a while I get bored of re-rinsing, I'm sure you know the feeling!!

CaribSun said...

I did a mayo treatment on my hair years ago when it was relaxed. It really does leave your hair feeling good, but I could not get the smell out. I smelled like a potato salad for several days.

dewdrop said...

@Saabira: You'll be fine, just make sure to rinse your hair out thoroughly with cold water and used some kind of a conditioner to mask the smell.

@Nubian1: I didn't know that it could strip your hair color? After I tried this treatment I did have a few locks that looked a little brassier. Your locks look great and I think the process worked out well for you!

@Anon: That's awesome! What's your NP name?

@Kangoods: I found it very easy to rinse out because it basically liquefies once water touches it. I wouldn't know what to do about getting residue out because ACV's don't work for me. Maybe using a clarifying shampoo might help, but to shampoo after this treatment would defeat the whole purpose of doing it to begin with.

@CaribSun: Awe. I've noticed that when I use more mayo than egg that the smell is less potent.

Allecia said...

Do you normally condition your locs? Any brand you'd recommend that rinses well? I have yet to use a conditioner in my hair though I'm sure it could use it.

The Woman Inside said...

I can't wait to try this! but I will have to wait till I am fully locked bc the rinsing processes will cause mayhem right now.

dewdrop said...

@Allecia: No, lol! Lately i've been wanting to but commercial conditioners still irritate my scalp (even the one in my photos), but the egg/may treatment is the only thing that works for me right now. I'm not sure of any conditioners that rinse well except for maybe suave.

@TWI: Wait until you are fully locked. :-)

Epek said...

I'm extra late on this post, but do u rinse the conditioner out on the last step or do u just condition and go?

dewdrop said...

Hi Epek,

You're never too late for anything. I rinse out the conditioner for sure, towel dry and then go. :-)

kizzy glorified's notes from the nappiest edge said...

Just did a mayo conditioner on daughters locs. Used regular mayo and put vanilla in to cut smell