May 08, 2010

Hair health update

Before & After Re-ti
My friends are beginning to notice how strong and healthy my new growth is and complimenting me on how lovely my locks are. My goal is to grow out my locks to a reasonable length without coloring or pruning them, and then cut off my 2HD's. Of course it will probably take a few more years before this actually happens, but for now i'm enjoying my new journey. I had many loose strands since my last reti, and this time I used my needle and thread method to incorporate these strands into my new growth. I diligently went through each lock in the front, and once I finished my hair looked manicured. I have so much new growth and combining them really made a difference in their health. I notice fewer bulbs, my roots look so strong with plenty of sheen and my new locs are beginning to form. I couldn't be happier! Since my hair grows so quickly, i've determined that latching my locks every 5-6 weeks actually works out better for me and it only takes me a few hours. Last weekend I latched the front, and today I latched the back. I still don't know how long it takes me to latch completey, but if I work on the front, the back and the middle separately then it takes me anywhere between 1-1.5 hours to complete each section.
Egg/Mayo pt. 2

According to my last post I had my first Egg/Mayo treatment done in March. I had another treatment a few days ago and this time I only treated my roots. There really isn't a need for me to do my entire head, so I just focused on conditioning my roots (as pictured above). This time I used one egg and less than half a jar of mayo (definitely more mayo than egg), and interestingly enough my hair didn't smell too much like an egg this time. I still used my bottle of conditioner to mask the smell just to be safe. I plan to continue this treatment probably every 2-3 months since it really does condition my hair and make my roots stronger. It's the only method that works so far because it doesn't cause my scalp to flare up. Remember to rinse out the treatment with cold water, never warm or hot or you'll have scrambled eggs in your hair.


nicole is the new black said...

guuurrrlll, i did this egg and mayo joint today. it didnt go so well, i was picking out egg for HOURS. even though I rinsed with warm water. it could be my texture, who knows, but next time i think i will do the less egg more mayo set up. or just stick to my rego conditioner.

dewdrop said...

It's not your texture. You are supposed to rinse with COLD water because hot/warm water will scramble the eggs in your hair. I mentioned this in my last post and even in my video.

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

What a great idea!!! will remember to rinse with cold water. Don't want scramble eggs. lol!!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to try this. I know ORS do a egg/mayo conditioner but wondered if it would leave buildup?

Denny from Nappturality

dewdrop said...

@Denny: I haven't tried ORS, so I don't know what would happen, and it's a commercial product that would probably irritate my scalp.