July 03, 2010

This In Between Stage

This summer I wanted to try more loc styles, but i've fallen back on my staple style instead....the braidout.  I've been wearing my hair either freestyle or in a braidout since May and I haven't been experimenting with newer styles like i've been planning to.  I think part of it has to do with transitioning into my new set of locs because they are a different size.  Once I begin braiding (plaits or cornrows), due to the size of my locs I will begin with a thin braid and when I finish I end up with a really thick braid. In other words, I start braiding with fewer locs (my combined locs) at first, but then I finish with three times as many locs in this same braid (from my old set).   I have this weird half straight half crinkled look and  I prefer one or the other, not half and half.

I think once my new set grows out several more inches then will have a more consistent braidout, so I just need to be patient.  In the mean time i'm working with both sizes and I kind of feel like my locs are in this in between stage in terms of size and sets as opposed to length.


QueenLi said...

Looking good,

Take Care

fatfriend said...

Your hair is so beautiful!

dewdrop said...

Thank you ladies!