August 23, 2010

Braided Bun

This is how I usually prep my hair for braidouts, but this time I had to make a style out of it due to last minute circumstances in order to save time.  The night before I spritzed my locs with water, cornrowed/flat twisted the front and plaited the back.  It takes time for me to unbraid my plaits no matter how big or small they are, but since my time was limited the next morning and some plaits were still damp, I had to be creative without losing my braidout.  
I came up with a quick style and tested it out to see if I could pull it off.  I figured that if I wore a braided bun in the morning, then my plaits would have more time to dry and I could wear my braidout by nightfall for a special event later that evening.  I added a lovely scarf to make my style look more presentable since the bun is actually smaller than what you see in these photos.  Honestly, I feel like I need more length in order to wear this style comfortably because I was really pulling/stretching my locs just so that I could form a decent bun.  Not fun for a sensitive scalp like mine.  This braided bun looks so lovely from behind. :-)  I explain step by step how to create this style:

1) Plait your hair and secure your ends with rubber bands.
2) Gather your braids to tie them back
3) Wrap your braids up with a hair band
          4)Use a mesh doughnut to cover the hair band
5) Fold your braids over the mesh doughnut & secure with a second hair tie
6) Add your favorite hair scarf to cover the hair tie and any loose ends


Thandi said...

One day...sigh :)

Saabira said...

I like this style its very cute and elegant. This is a style that I will have to add to my book of styles to try when my hair gets longer.

QueenLi said...

Girl, I am just speechless! beyond nice, very nice! u got mad skillz!
I have to try that braided bun for next summer time! I hope to have my computer back from the tech-doc so I can upload my new pics. :)

Take Care~

dewdrop said...

Thandi: Don't worry, time flies by so quickly and you'll be able to wear the same style in no time.

Saabira: I can't wait to see it on you!

QueenLi: Thanks! Definitely post pics!

rmcandlelight said...

This style is so gorgeous!! I have to give it a try :)

Thank you so much for sharing!

~Francesca~ said...

I am going to try it this week! Thanks Dewdrop for always sharing.

Kittylocks said...

This is a great style and love the step by step instructions too.

A Sista Who Locked said...


dewdrop said...

Thank you ladies!

nappy headed black girl said...

Wow, this looks complicated but is actually quite simple!

Thanks for the breakdown. The style looks lovely on you.

fizz said...

I absolutely love the braided bun! Beautiful!

Take a peek :)