August 23, 2010

Fish Tails

This is my new workout hairstyle and I absolutely enjoy it!  I call them fish tails because that's what they look like. During the first two years of my loc journey I used to wear a loc tail when I worked out, but after a while my hair ties slowly started thinning out the shaft of several locs in the back row near my neck.  Then I made my hair ties using a thicker band thinking that this would help and it did, but in reality my hair needed a break from being pulled back into one every time I worked out.  

During my third year I started wearing my hair half up and half down and this worked out for a while.  Then I started to stress out my hairline because I only pulled back the locks along my hairline and clipped them in place.  It's not as bad as the loc puff, but my hairline needed a rest too. I tried my lounge loc style and it was great except that it kept coming loose. 

As I entered my fourth year it wasn't until last month when it dawned on me to divide my lobster tail style into two parts.  I couldn't believe it!  Why didn't I think of this before?  Maybe because my hair wasn't long enough to do it at the time, I don't know.  All I know now is that my hair line is stress free, these fish tails are loose enough to prevent headaches, but tight enough to stay in place and I only need to secure them at the ends with two thick hair bands.  I forgot to mention that it only took me probably 3 minutes or so create this style and I think it's very cute.

Watch this 2011 video of how to make fish tails: Video


rmcandlelight said...

It's gorgeous and is great style while working out :)

Please do a tutorial :D

dewdrop said...

RMC: Thanks and I will!