August 24, 2010

How To Video: Make Baby Locs From Old Locs

Update:  My new growth slipped out of the attached old lock when I washed my hair several days later.  I will wait for more length before attempting this again, or, i'll just leave it alone.  For right now i've left this area alone and incorporated my new growth into a neighboring lock.  Even though this my attempt didn't work I tried at least.

Today I attempted to do something that i've done before.  Attach an old loc to a baby loc by my hairline in order to create a mature lock.  This area had always been a troublesome spot because it had thinned out from years of hair abuse with chemical relaxers.  Hair does grow in this area, but it's not close enough to neighboring locs and it's difficult to keep them in place once i've latched them into these locs.  So, i've been waiting for enough new growth to start a baby loc.  I have about 1 inch of growth, but it's too short and sticks out like an island.  Then today I thought about attaching one of my old locs, which I had snipped from another 2HD, to this new one to create an instant loc.  Basically, I formed a new baby braidloc, attached an old loc to it, sewed it in place using my needle and clear thread and voila! Below are images demonstrating how I did this step by step, as well as a video. What are some ways in which you've reattached old locs?

Here is a video of what I did today and my attempt at trying something new.  I have another patch of hair on the opposite side of my temple and once it grows out some more then I might do the same thing to that side. 


rmcandlelight said...

What a great idea!!! Girl, I'll give you A++++++++++ for effort :)

Thandi said...

Don't you ever ever leave the blogosphere, LOL.Or if you do, then don't ever remove your blog and videos!I'm going to need all this info one day.

Nubian1 said...

Well Dewdrop, they say great minds think alike! INDEED.

I have done the baby lock thing, but much prefer your version of attachement. Though if am honest the only reason i do mine differently is because am not patient enough to let the baby hair grow long enough to

Secondly i too allow room when extending baby locs so that on completion, I can at least do a rotation. To secure.

As always great post!

Sai.Wurd said...

i LOVE that you posted this...theres a whole patch (about 6 or 7 locs) at my right temple where all the locs have broken due to stress...needless to say, ponytails are a problem now. I think I'm going to give this a try! Thank you!
~ Sai

Anonymous said...

Can't watch the video thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can't watch the video thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. It was right on time. I just washed my hair and as usual a lock on the temple of my hairline slipped out. I kept the tip of another mature lock and following your vid, reattached it! It looks as if it's always been there. Thank you again for sharing.

FYI: I used brown thread to match my hair color.

dewdrop said...

@rmcandlelight: Yay! :-)

@Thandi: LOL! I just did during that last few days and now i'm back. I'll always make my information available because I believe that people will be inspired and blessed by what we have to share.

@Nubian: Do you have any posts or pictures on how you did this because mine slipped out. :-/

@Sai.Wurd: Cute name btw! Let me know how it works out for you.

@Anon1: Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the issue so now you can view it. :-)

@Anon2: That's awesome. I guess i'll have to wait until my baby hair grows longer before attaching a new lock again.

Kandgoods said...

Well this is great news. Now I don't have to worry so much about when my first loc drops out, 'cause it'll be going straight back in my head! Thanks!