August 23, 2010

Shea Butter

I have very sensitive skin and can't use many products as a result.  One of my biggest issues is finding a natural product that will moisturize my skin because i'm even sensitive to some natural products.  I remember using shea butter on my hair and face years ago, and it worked well except that I bought the unrefined butter which was heavy, greasy and had a strong nutty smell.  A few weeks ago a friend of mine used shea butter as an ingredient for something she had made, and when I saw the package I asked her where I could purchase some because I was looking for a facial moisturizer.  She was surprised that we could use it on our skin and I told her that it was considered a natural skin moisturizer.  I've used commercial lotions before, but it's hit and miss with my skin reacting to all of them.  

I ordered 1 pound of unrefined shea butter last week and I was surprised by how quickly it came.  I use about a drop a day to moisturize my face and my skin loves it!  The best part is that it melts easily with my body heat.  I prefer the unrefined version because it's light, not as greasy and doesn't have a strong nutty smell.  It makes my skin feel so soft and I really enjoy using it.  It only costs $8, but with tax it comes out to $18 total.  That's fine though because I need to do what's best for my body even if it means paying a little more to find a product that my skin will tolerate.


*Coop* said...

Thank you for posting the label to the butter. I've checked out their site -- lots of nice stuff.

Kris said...

Your hair looks so great! I actually use shea butter to condition my locs about once a month or so. I just rub a little bit until it melts into my hand and moisturize it though my hair. I love using this rather than store bought conditioner, because it has not added chemicals and stuff. You should try it.

dewdrop said...

@Coop: They really do!

@Kris: Thanks! Are you sure that it won't cause buildup? Sometimes i'll lightly rub some on my hairline, but not too much to avoid buildup.