September 15, 2010

My Staple Style

This is one of my favorite hairstyles because it's quick and simple and had always been one of my staple styles.  Basically i've pulled my hair back into a high bun using a hair tie, tucked the ends other and added swoop bangs in the front.  I wore this style all the time when I once wore extension braids or twists, and now that my locs have reached an even length I can wear this style again without too many locs sticking out everywhere.    This is much easier than trying to create a bun with my mesh doughnut because now it's getting to big and cumbersome at times.  On a side note, there is obviously a huge difference in color between my roots and the bun.  Sometimes I wish it was all just one color (dark brown or light brown), but i've taken a break from coloring my hair and dark rinses are temporary, so the light brown color always returns no matter how often I try to darken it.  What's your staple style?


rmcandlelight said...

I really love this style. Simply but elegant! :D

My staple style is a simple basket weave in the front and pull the rest of my locks in a ponytail. Hopefully I'll be able to try your style if my ends close. May have to cut them once they get a certain length.

Karen said...

Simple and cute! I live this style, it compliments you very well.

anthia-ofo said...

I like it. Thanks for sharing -I'll try to copy it, but my hair might not be long enough.

nappy headed black girl said...

My staple style...if you can call it simply half up-half down. Pony on top, the rest loose.

I wish I could recreate your bun. I'm almost able to keep everything in place but some strands are still to short/barely long enough. Plus my bun looks anemic lol

dewdrop said...

Thanks ladies!

@RMC: I'll have to try your style sometime. I think I wore something similar years ago.

@NHBG: Anemic! LOL! I know what you mean though and that's why i'll wear the mesh doughnut sometimes to make my bun look a little fuller or to fill in the gaps.