October 09, 2010

Healthy Hair Strands

Take a good look at this hair strand.  This strand came from my new set of healthy locs and fell on the counter top after I washed and dried my hair.  In comparison to other surrounding strands after shaking out my micro fiber towel, I noticed this particular strand happened to be the darkest and fullest.  Some of the other strands were very thin, weak looking and almost transparent (these were from my old set of dyed and damaged locs).  I examined this one a little closer, held it up in the light against a weaker strand and noticed how unbelievably healthy it was! It was strong, looked well hydrated and had amazing sheen.  This is exciting news because this is an indicator that i've achieved my goal of growing healthy hair/locs. I did the "snap" test to see how much spring it had and NP said if you pull your strand in half and it makes an elastic-sounding snap then it's strong and healthy....and it did!

Notice at the top left of the image how the end thins out, right? That's the line of demarcation between my old and new set of locs.  Notice at the bottom right of the image how the end looks strong and solid?  Visibly there is a major difference between both ends.  My curl pattern is tightly coiled and springy, c-napp, 4b.  This is incredible and makes me excited knowing that i'm on the road to health and good hair care practice.

Now that i've seen this strand i'm beginning to reconsidering using heat on my hair, or new growth at least, because I want to preserve my hair's strength and prevent heat damage.  It's hard to make a final decision about this considering how long it takes my locs to dry.  My hair tends to dry faster once i've towel dried it and made large plaits all over, but this can only be done if I plan to stay at home for the remainder of the evening.


rmcandlelight said...

Your hair strand looks like a piece of thread.

Yay! for healthy hair :)

CorporateNapps said...

Healthy hair really is motivation.