October 09, 2010

New Shampoo & Conditioner!

The other day I read some posts on NP about the benefits of black soap.  I did quite a bit of research about its benefits before deciding to try it, because I wanted to make sure that it was worth the investment after I purchased castille soap months ago and it didn't work that great on my hair.  My weak-acting selsun blue shampoo was running out, but I didn't want to buy anymore and I really wanted to go the natural route.  In my research I came across important feed back which lead to my purchase of the other two products (explained below), and all three were purchased from Whole Foods.  The best part is that Alaffia products are fair trade and contain all natural ingredients:

Alaffia Liquid African Black Soap 8oz.- $9 
(Ingredients: unrefined shea butter and palm kernel oil. No chemical preservatives, great for sensitive skin.  Good for eczema, blemishes etc.)
They only carried the liquid form which is fine because that's what I wanted anyway.  It's kind of watery but it gives a nice lather if you rub it in your hands first before applying it to your scalp.  You don't need to use a whole lot, jut a small squirt for every time you want to lather a new section of your head. :-)

Alaffia Virgin Coconut & Shea Enriching Hair Lotion (Leave in conditioner) 8oz.- $9
(Ingredients: Rooibos, vege.glycerin, shea butter, virign coconut oil, Essential Oils.)
I stumbled across some posts about this hair lotion on NP, but ignored them until one lady mentioned using it as a follow up conditioner to black soap since it's kind of drying.  This lotion is a leave in conditioner, very light, smells great (like flowers) and retains moisture based on my experience.

100% Vegetable Glycerine 4oz.- $4 
Great natural conditioner/humectant.  Just dilute it with enough water.

How I use them:
Black Soap: Today I used the first two products.  I sectioned my hair into four parts, soaked my locs with water, squirted a few drops of the liquid black soap into my hands, rubbed them together to make a nice lather and scrubbed my roots.  (I didn't have to use a whole lot either.) Then I rinsed my locs thoroughly with water.  (Make sure your hair is soaked before application and to rinse thoroughly afterward).  This soap can be drying, so be sure to apply moisturizer/conditioner after use.

Hair Lotion:  On damp hair I went through each row and applied a drop of lotion along my roots and spread the remainder along the top portion of my locs.  My roots felt sooo soft and I couldn't stop massaging my scalp after its application.

Glycerine:  I've used this product before as a loose nappy and it worked wonders to keep my hair soft and moisturized.  I plan to add a few drops to my spritz bottle and spray my roots in the mornings.

Today I pampered my locs and it felt so good.  My locs and I are happy that we tried natural products this time, but I hope my hair and scalp will tolerate these products considering my seb.derm.  I read that the soap is great for scalp conditions like mine, so hopefully I won't have any flare ups if I continue to follow up this shampoo with a moisturizer or conditioner of some kind.  For the next several days and weeks I will monitor my scalp and hair to see if these products are a perfect fit for me, and if so then I will toss out my commercial products.  I hope to make black soap and this hair lotion my products of choice.  :-)  I'll be sure to update you on my progress.


rmcandlelight said...

These look so yummy and I have to look for them. Thanks for sharing :)

nickvonickson said...

how do you apply the veggie gylcerin It seems kinda thick

dewdrop said...

@nick: You're right, it's pretty thick so you must dilute it with water. The best way is to pour maybe a teaspoon or less in your spritz bottle, fill up your bottle with water, shake it up and spray it on your hair.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

I saw this in the health food store. I also past it by. It`s worth looking into!

The Woman Inside said...

I use black soap on my skin and I love it. Please update us on how it works on your scalp.

Anonymous said...

I also use Selun Blue.. And its not playing ball at the moment.. It would be great to know how things work out for you...