October 26, 2010

Product Update

Liquid Black Soap:  When I washed my hair with this soap it definitely cleansed my scalp, but it left this ashy residue on my roots.  I work out and sweat a lot in my head, so i'm thinking that my sweat plus the salt mixed with the black soap caused this residue to form.  I had to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the residue because it looked almost gray and icky. I only used this soap once and i'm willing to try it again, but if i'm left with ashy roots every time then i'll just use it as a facial cleanser instead.  Verdict: My scalp is still debating about its continued use and my hair doesn't like the residue.

Hair Lotion:  I'm in heaven!  This lotion is so light with a lovely fragrance and kept my roots moisturized through out the week.  Now i'm not talking about damp-moisturized like on the first day, but it's activated when I spritz my locs with water every morning.  My scalp loves this hair lotion and i've noticed that my root bed is stronger than before.  It has that healthy root-bed and hair follicle look every time I use this lotion (just like when I do my egg-mayo treatment).  In fact, this could become my staple and replace the egg-mayo treatment if it provides the same nourishment.  Verdict: My scalp approves of this product and my hair loves it.

Glycerine:  I add a few drops to my H2O bottle and spritz my locs every day.  They stay soft and pliable. Verdict: My scalp approves of this product and hair my welcomes this moisturizer.


Venetter said...

I also have the same ashy residue at my roots if I use anything other than regular shampoo - I also workout a lot. I have a stash of Dr. Bronners so I may try that again even though it left residue before locs. Looking fwd to seeing your results w/this soap.

Expanding Beauty said...

shame to hear about the black soap. I use it and haven't had that problem, but I shampoo my hair once a week and rinse most of the other times and I work out a lot, maybe try a rinse with water and then shampoo, also I've use Dr. Bronner's shampoo too. Hope this helps

Natasha -- MyDreadlocks.com said...

Hmmm, I've got a brick of black soap that hasn't been used yet. I wonder if the same thing would happen to me?

Any time I've used liquid black soap, it's been mixed with other herbs, glycerin and that kind of thing. No residue. Just a nice clean.

Looking forward to your continued updates on your future tries with the black soap.

dewdrop said...

@Venetter: I've tried Dr. B's in the past and had the same issue with it leaving residue on my hair.

@EB: Thanks for the tip.

@Natasha: You know what? I think you're right because I went back and found a bottle with other mixtures in it, tried it on my hair the other day and like you said, no residue, just clean.