October 26, 2010

Unlocking Two-Headed Dragons

I was curious about what my locs would look like without my two-headed dragons.  So I picked out the 2HDs of five locs in the front of my head, and I was surprised by the little hair I had left considering how much damaged was caused by grooming them years ago.  My hair was the same length as my locs in some places, but I had shed so much hair that for each lock it was the size of a large gumball.  It's obvious that my hair was damaged and weak, but at the line of demarcation I could see how strong and healthy my new growth was.  Basically it looked like this: (root) means root, (=)means healthy strands, (--) means weak strands:  root=====----------.  My roots/virgin hair strands are thicker, stronger and very healthy, but my 2HDs/colored strands are thinner, weaker and damaged.

I know my locs don't look considerably bigger in this photo, but trust me, the rest of my locs are actually much thicker than what you see.  Some of them are twice as thick on top, if not more because this is the most dense part of my head.  The least density can be found around my ears and in the back near my neck.

I took all five loose strands and made one two-strand twist out of them.  After I was done playing around with my hair (as always whenever I take down a loc or two), I braided each loose strand around each lock which is what you see in this last photo here on the right.  This is the final product.  How did I take down my 3yr.10mo. old locks?  With a push pin, conditioner and water.  It was so much work and pointless because I had lost so much hair due to other unhealthy factors besides shedding.  I do plan to snip at least one out of the two 2HDs on every loc when the time comes, instead of waiting until they grow a certain length before cutting them both off.  Why?  Well let's just say it's so much easier to tighten my roots when I pull one lock through versus two, especially with thick ends.  I'm reconsidering how I plan to keep or remove my 2HDs, and i'll be sure to keep you updated.  My new locs are growing in nicely, have a stronger base and are receiving the proper care they deserve. :-)


Natasha -- MyDreadlocks.com said...

"Well let's just say it's so much easier to tighten my roots when I pull one lock through versus two, especially with thick ends."

Couldn't agree with you more! It's like I'm endangering BOTH locs when I try maintaining these kind of twin locs. Thanks for sharing your process with it all. As a new reader, I look forward to your 2HD updates :wink:

Anonymous said...

I cut the 2 hd's within 6 months of combining, though I am fighting the urge to groom my locks....

The knotty Truth said...

Gotta love those strong root bases! They are worth far more than gold! keep having fun!

dewdrop said...

@Natasha: I completely understand where you are coming from and i'm so glad we can relate.

@Anon: Just be careful about grooming them so that you won't end up weakening them in the long run.

@TKT: I know! Speak the truth! I've come to realize that i'd rather have strong roots than close to perfect locs with very weak roots.